Month: December 2019

Scare Kingdom ChristmasFestEVIL

Back to Scare Kingdom we go, this time for some festive scares. Scare Kingdom should be commended for the creativity shown in each season with new storylines and tweaks to scenery every time. We found this Christmas overlay to be

Back to Terror – Shepton Mallet Prison – 2019

It was a fairly mild December evening deep in Somerset at the Shepton Mallet Prison. I always feel prisons are excellent locations for scare attractions as they are naturally a little eerie and this was no exception. On arrival we

Christmasacre – Walsall Scare Maze – 2019

Last scare of the year for me took me to Walsall for their Christmas special Christmasacre. I’d already planned to make a weekend of it visiting Scare Kingdom followed by Walsall Scare Maze and little more than half an hour

HVRTING Christmas Show 2019

As I’m the last member of the Scare Directory team to experience a HVRTING event, I had to make sure that I managed to get a ticket for the latest festive version of the game that the Faceless Ventures team

Unwrapped 2019

This is the second Unwrapped show. The first of which I didn’t get a chance to see but a show I’ve read good things about. Unwrapped is a little Christmas present from the Faceless Ventures team to the fans. Nothing