Month: February 2020

Review: Jekyll and Hyde – Fire Hazard Games – Vault Festival, London 2020

The second trip to the Vault Festival in London so far this year, this time to take part in Fire Hazard Games latest event, Jekyll and Hyde. I and another member of our three-strong team had previously enjoyed ‘The Hunted

Review: Scare Kingdom – Valenterror – 2020

Every Valentines Scare Kingdom put on Valenterror their annual Valentine’s event. This event opens three of the permanent buildings from Halloween with a Valentines retheme. We thoroughly enjoyed last years event and this year was just as good. MONSTERmortis –

Review: Pasaje Del Terror – 2020

A trip to Blackpool wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Pasaje Del Terror, an attraction the Scare Directory team have visited many times (reviews from 2019 here and here). Every time we visit we either notice a new piece

Review: Scream Factory, My Bloody Valentine – 2020

It’s a long time ’till October, and thankfully for us, there are still plenty of scare attractions that put on non-Halloween events. One of the most popular dates for a number of attractions putting on an event is always Valentine’s.

Review: The Grim – Vault Festival, London – 2020

Having had my first taste of some of the more alternative events at last year’s annual Vault Festival in London, most notably Darkfield’s inventive shipping container shows of Séance and Flight and The Tom Sawyer Effect’s multiple reality solo show,

Review: Is there anybody there? – Faceless Ventures

Up in Newark for the first scare experience of the year. This time something a little different. I had missed Is There Anybody There? from Faceless Ventures when it was first on so was pleased to see it was back