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Scream Aloud Review

Scream Aloud 2021 Another event in the South of England

Survival Zone Reviews

Survival Zone’s Sanctuary Survival Zone put on a number of

Walsall Scare Maze Review

Walsall Scare Maze Bunker 41 We had struggled to find

Oakwood Spooktacular Review

Oakwood Spooktacular 2021 Oakwood, Wales’ biggest theme park in the

Terror Mountain Review

Terror Mountain 2021 We have been wanting to visit Terror

The Bunker Below Review

The Bunker Below 2021 Set in a town you would

Nott’s Maze The Labyrinth Review

Nott’s Maze 2021 We were lucky enough to manage to

Whatton House of Horror Review

Whatton House of Horror Presents Purgatory Whatton House of Horror

Screamfest Reviews

Screamfest Resurrected 2021 Next up on our road trip of

PrimEvil Review

PrimEvil 2021 In the Norfolk countryside sits the Roarr! Dinosaur