Broadwitch Hauntfest featured in the documentary UK Haunters and after watching it we most definitely had to check it out.

This attraction takes place at Broadditch Farm Shop and is a surprisingly large event. The mazes are dotted around a central area serving food and drink. There is also an indoor section with a stage. 

Street Theatre

The Street Theatre at Broadwitch is superb. They are very interactive and really get involved with the crowd, making them laugh and jump in equal measure. Our favourites were the fast food employee who had a bit of an accident with the grill and Pig E who was a hoot. 

The Mazes

We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of theming in each of the mazes. Broadwitch really puts a lot of effort into making the attractions look just right with theming around every corner. The mazes are also a decent length and don’t feel like you are just in and out. 


The first maze of the evening was MassAcre this was a fun corn maze. The actors were enthusiastic and we had some good interactions. There was a lot of humour injected into this maze.

Throughout the corn maze are set scenes with actors working from all directions. I particularly liked the scrap yard scene with a great fire effect.

Thirteen Freaks

This is a fun well themed maze. It starts with a traditional curtains maze but moves on to a lot more. The theming is great with a wonderful underground carriage section with great effects on top of the detailed theming. The actors really worked well together maximising the impact of the scares. 

The Edge

This maze is based all around death. There are coffins in abundance and creepy characters around every corner. There is a fantastically themed church scene which used smell effectively. The actors were creepy but still made us jump. Very enjoyable. 

Spooky Castle

Another excellent maze. This time taking you round a number of rooms of a spooky castle. You had everything from a kitchen, bedrooms and even a movie theatre. This scene was great with a brilliant effect on the projection screen. One actor stood out the most and that was a scene with a girl who had lost her mummy. The actor slowly built the fear levels asking if we had seen her mummy. She got more and more frantic as the scene progressed, absolutely brilliant. 


This was the last maze of the night and wow we definitely saved the best to last. We were warned before we went in that we will be touched and they weren’t wrong. We were pushed against walls, held back from the group and generally tormented. We absolutely loved it.

Final thoughts

Broadwitch is a very strong attraction with each maze very well themed. Actors who are very energetic and enthusiastic and to top it off there is a great atmosphere. We feel like the mazes could benefit from an introduction scene that would tell you a little bit of a story before entering as we feel that would bring the concept of each maze together nicely. 

We would highly recommend Broadwitch Hauntfest which is running on selected nights throughout October. If you’re in the area it’s definitely not to be missed this Halloween.

Author: Ashley