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Lockdown Immersive Theatre Reviews

COVID and the various lockdowns have seen a massive amount of innovation in what would traditionally have been site-specific immersive events, escape games and other forms of interactive entertainment and has included some performances specifically created for online / remote

Redemption Room by Secret Theatre Review

6 contestants, 1 hour, a single Zoom call for each contestant to be redeemed. That’s what we had in store on Saturday evening. Each contestant with a different backstory with some activity in their past they are seeking redemption for.

Krampusnacht – VR Immersive Horror Theatre Review

Despite the ongoing lockdown rules causing the closure of physical events and venues, 2020 saw the proliferation of new forms of entertainment mostly through Zoom and other similar video conferencing apps, many of which we got to enjoy and experience

BL4KM4SS Reviews

3DD13 Since I was now on BL4KM4SS’s list of approved members after participating in their first virtual show, 3Y3, a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from them about the dates and times of their

3Y3 – BL4KM4SS

One of the few good things to come out of the global COVID situation has been the creation of more online experiences. We’ve been fortunate to do quite a few different innovative events and escape rooms, that normally we’d never

ISLTN – PDXtreme Horror – Online – 2020

This one will be a pretty short review, which is no reflection of the quality of the show I experienced, just that I’ve been sworn to secrecy about the content. To be honest that’s no bad thing, because if the

Review: The Pandora Network – Nightlight Circus – Electric Goldfish

A little while ago the quaint town of Pondermere received a visit from the Nightlight Circus, whose shows and attractions have been delighting and thrilling locals and tourists alike since the Big Top was put up. All was going well,

Review: Jekyll and Hyde – Fire Hazard Games – Vault Festival, London 2020

The second trip to the Vault Festival in London so far this year, this time to take part in Fire Hazard Games latest event, Jekyll and Hyde. I and another member of our three-strong team had previously enjoyed ‘The Hunted

Review: The Grim – Vault Festival, London – 2020

Having had my first taste of some of the more alternative events at last year’s annual Vault Festival in London, most notably Darkfield’s inventive shipping container shows of Séance and Flight and The Tom Sawyer Effect’s multiple reality solo show,

Review: Is there anybody there? – Faceless Ventures

Up in Newark for the first scare experience of the year. This time something a little different. I had missed Is There Anybody There? from Faceless Ventures when it was first on so was pleased to see it was back