Chessington World of Adventures Howl’o’ween is the annual Halloween event at the park and has been running for many years. Having always visited Thorpe Park and Alton Towers for Fright Nights and Scarefest I thought it was about time to check out what Chessington can offer and I can confidently say they know how to put on a fantastic event.

While it’s worth noting the day time activities are aimed at a more family orientated crowd there is definitely something for everyone plus the usual ride and animal offerings.



This was more of a walkthrough theatrical experience as opposed to a traditional scare maze and I think this is what enables this experience to target the 8+ it’s aimed at well. There are a number of set scenes similar in style to Shrek’s Adventure or a Dungeon experience. 

The attraction had fun theming with some additional things for the kids like a spiders web walkthrough which they clearly enjoyed.

There is an enjoyable storyline filled with humour that adults and kids alike can enjoy, following the story of the Secret Arachnid Service (SAS) trying to save the park from the gigantula. All the actors interacted well and managed some good on the spot improvisations with the group.

I think this is a well-delivered family-friendly walkthrough that is a perfect introduction to scare attractions. 

Creepy Caves Unearthed

This is the 10+ more traditional scare attraction and I feel Chessington really delivered a well-rounded attraction with a variety of scares building in intensity.

I thought the concept was strong with the secret agents leading you through quarantine and setting the scene with some very good props and scripted parts. But, wait a moment, something has gone wrong and we see what has happened to some of the researchers. The attraction then goes on to a section where you meet all the ‘creatures’ this builds in intensity with a walk through the caves ending in a lab with smoke, lighting and video effects where you are essentially ambushed by the ‘creatures’.

This was a great attraction with wonderful theming and really strong acting. I particularly liked the lab sections.

Haunted Howl’o’ween Live Show

Chessington presented a spooky mix of songs for this Halloween themed dance show. It was enjoyable with some fun lighting effects that surrounded the audience. This show would be great for the whole family so I’d recommend taking half an hour out of your day to watch.

Creepy Caves After Dark

It was this attraction that I had especially made the trip for. I’d heard nothing but good comments circulating on social media and wanted to find out if the hype was to be believed and I can well and truly say it was.

Creepy Caves After Dark is an up-charge version of the Day Time Creepy Caves maze with the intensity turned up to 11. The actors will touch you and this is used with great effect.

I really liked the way the actors joked about the day time version and referenced bits of it with brilliant humour. As I mentioned, this was hands-on, expect to be restrained, moved around and thoroughly tormented by the agents and creatures.

We were picked off one by one. Re-routed through the attraction, hooded and teased. You didn’t quite know what was going to happen next. This just added to the experience and made you quite disorientated especially after multiple runs in the day time version.

I spent my time in this maze laughing at just how surreal the whole thing was. I absolutely loved it and didn’t want the experience to end. I didn’t time this version but left wanting much more an extra 5 minutes would have been great.

I must give a special mention to the female actor playing the agent in our run which was the first of the evening. She really knew how to get the group going from tears of laughter to sheer terror in seconds. She improvised with the group spectacularly and should be commended for the excellent job.

I really hope this up-charge attraction comes back next year as I will definitely be back to experience it.

Final thoughts

Chessington World of Adventures Howl’o’ween was a pleasant unexpected surprise. It has everything for the whole family with Spyders for the younger ones through to Creepy Caves After Dark for the teenagers and adults. Having the option for a more intense version of a maze is a fantastic idea. I’d love to see other attractions doing this. Keeping it more traditional for most guests but giving those who want something more the option is a superb idea. 

If you’re looking for Halloween activities for the whole family you probably won’t find better than Chessington World of Adventures Howl’o’ween.

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