Cruelty is a piece of Artaudian Theatre of Cruelty from the minds of Faceless Ventures and Mikey Stuart from the ScareTrack podcast

The concept revolves around the world as it is today with peoples obsessions with social media and how it takes over peoples lives. Snapchat this, Instagram that.

The setting was perfect, in the basement of the Mexborough Business Centre. Down some dimly lit stairs and into the theatre of cruelty.

Greeted by 4 chairs we were asked to sit pop corn and drinks at the ready. Lights go down and the show starts. From the beginning the action is around you. The actors making good use of the space and making the small audience well and truly part of the show.

The concept from the outset was strong and relevant with audience participation throughout. I especially liked the personalised nature of the show that could only really work with a small audience.

This performance highlighted the pros and cons of social media highlighting how people hide behind the screen of there internet enabled devices. The show took you on a winding journey with everything piecing together for the final impactful scene.

This theatre of cruelty truly immersed the audience in the story and made you question your own use of social media. The show would appeal to anybody who like to get fully immersed in a concept.

If the show rears its head again I’d highly recommend going to see it and experience for yourself this theatre of cruelty.

Author: Ashley