Kent Scareground 2021

28 October 2021






9 Reviews on “Kent Scareground 2021”

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  • Harrison

    Terribly run, unorganised and real poor quality.
    No atmosphere, hardly any fairground rides and food terrible.
    Not scary at all, apart from the price.

  • Shelley

    Very good, actors brilliant, impressed for your first year well done guys, looking forward to next year x

  • Rob

    Not scary at all and disappointing considering the price.

  • KS

    “Mazes” were awful, nothing scary about them at all. “Haunted House” was laughable. Rides and stalls were non-existent. For £45 it really was a let down.

  • Lizzy

    Though the actors were great, the organisation seemed poor and the mazes themselves were not really my cup of tea.
    Before we even got into park, we had a 40minute queue as there were only 2 ticket booths, one for pre-booked and one for on the day tickets. It would have been helpful to have someone walk up and down the line letting people know this.
    The mazes themselves were more ‘interactive theatre’ in which your stood against a wall and were talked at, not really a scare maze as such with few or no scares. Certainly I didn’t care for the redneck republicans stereotype nor the cockney gangsters. As we’d already spent 2hours in queues we didn’t feel like waiting for the third maze which had another huge queue.
    This is no slight against the actors and people working there who were friendly, helpful and enthusiastic – to me it just didn’t feel like a scare event.
    This was definitely not worth £25 a tickets.

  • Sandy Walsh

    Fab!!Fantastic actors great atmosphere my whole family and friends loved every minute of it!!!!!

  • AT

    I wouldn’t even rate this place 1 star but I unfortunately have to. My friend and I paid £45 each for the unlimited pass which we thought was unlimited entry to 5 mazes (the website states there are 5 mazes) but there were just 3 and access to the fair ground.. which were were then told we’d have to purchase a separate ticket for that. So we went into the first maze (the clown theme one) I had a hard doll thrown towards me and clipped the back of my head (it was an accident so we moved on to the next maze ) now we are in snyders mob / drug theme thing which wasn’t scary at all … you just stand there and listen to them act. This maze would have been brain numbingly boring if one of the actors hadn’t got carried away and hit a wooden chest too hard which caused it to fall on my self and my friend and then have the contents of the chest (glass bottles) smash over our feet. We moved on to the 3rd maze (camp slaughter) thinking this will be their saving grace and redeem them from this awful experience but unfortunately as we were going through the white sheets an actor didn’t see me and hit my elbow with a claw hammer (which has left bruising) so we had finally had enough and went to the gates to leave and explain what had happened. The lady who was checking everyone in apologised and said they would refund the full £90 and got the manager (Lee) for us. He then agreed to refund us and asked that we send an email to him to process it. We sent the email and the details of the evening to which now he is going back on his word and only wanting to provide a partial refund and at the current moment not responding to any other emails. This is a horrific place to visit but not for the reasons you pay for ! Definitely not worth anyone’s money or time.

  • Vinnie

    Not scary in the slightest. Not one jump scare and the make up and aesthetics of the place were below par. Drove past it the first time because we couldn’t believe that was actually the place we have paid to go. The scary part of this place was them charging £3 for what was essentially hot water ! (Meant to be hot chocolate) the only use I had for it was to keep my hands warm and then went straight on the bin. Absolutely vile.

  • S

    I’ve been to several Halloween events this year and this was by far the worst – 5 mazes were advertised but there were only 3, overpriced food and drink and even though we had ‘unlimited’ tickets we still had to pay if we wanted to go on any fairground rides. The mazes themselves were not scary, you just walked from room to room whilst being talked at, no scares at all. A waste of £45, I won’t be back next year.


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