Satan’s Slammer

22 October 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm






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1 reviews
  • Cody Niesyto

    After visiting Satan’s Slammer, I have a feeling it could be a strong contender for my personal favourite scare attraction of 2021!

    We travelled an hour and a half, wondering if it could potentially be a wasted journey for a 20 minute attraction, but it was well worth it for something a little different, and just what we needed to lift our spirits after a disappointing 2 days at Alton Towers’ Scarefest.

    Batched in a group of 8, we were put in holding pens and introduced to a character that was both creepy and highly entertaining before going into the attraction. From outside, I wondered if it would be particularly impressive, but looks were deceiving, and as soon as we entered the inside of the attraction, we were transported to another world.

    The use of space and stable features throughout was fantastic. Set dressing was impressive, and I feel as though you’d need several runs through in order to truly appreciate all the little details in here. I always try to take in as much of the theming as possible, but there were so many signs and other things to read or discover in here that I’m sure I must’ve missed a thing or two while trying to pay attention to each of the actors.

    The props, costumes, and makeup here are some of the best I’ve seen in all my years of visiting scare attractions. My dad and I were staring at corpses for some time trying to determine if they were actors or props they were that realistic. The prison guards with their light up eyes were legitimately intimidating, and some of the masks towards the end had me uttering words of disbelief out loud. Makeup was also more detailed than I’ve seen in many attractions, with some actors wearing repulsive facial prosthetics.

    We wondered how much of a story would happen here, and were overjoyed to discover that Satan’s Slammer has some fantastic set pieces, such as the scene with the kitchen, the medical room, and the ceremony. The actors throughout were brilliant, with some really standout characters.

    The energy was akin to the chaos of Psychomanteum, without the nudity. Described as an extreme attraction, I feel as though Satan’s Slammer delivered in that respect, as it definitely felt more intense and threatening than many other attractions I’ve experienced, with actors not being afraid to get a little hands on, something I’ve missed in recent years since it automatically ups the adrenaline when that physical barrier is broken.

    Considering the price as well, I would say Satan’s Slammer is more than worth the money. We left thrilled and highly impressed. Definitely give it a go if you can!

    The following contains more in depth, slightly spoilery content regarding my personal experience of being separated from my group in the attraction.

    The actors were giving it there all, both terrifying our group and making us chuckle here and there. I also had the pleasure of being separated from my group, something I always find ramps up the adrenaline in an attraction. I thought I had survived the initial separation by sneaking back to my group, but much to his credit, the actor who initially lead me away noticed and dragged me back to isolation in a cell with a very creepy actor with a mallet. I never quite know how to react in scare attractions. I tend to be a giggler as opposed to a screamer, but when separated, I often just clam up. In my head, I want to play off of the actors, but I don’t want to ruin their night by being awkward, and so I tend to just go with the flow and do as I’m told!

    I did wonder how long I was going to be in there, a sense of foreboding beginning to build as a guard arrived on the scene. Despite the warnings of this being an attraction of a more extreme nature, I hadn’t expected the guard actor to be so intimidating as he entered the cell, looming over me before proceeding to shout in my face. Being a veteran of these sorts of attractions, I wouldn’t say I felt scared, but I definitely felt threatened as he continued to berate me, calling me a little bitch; something I haven’t encountered since a run in Psychomanteum years ago!

    Great interactions with actors are something I adore, so my head was in a state of both panic and elation at the scene which was unfolding. I thought I would be let out after that, but no, I was locked back in the cell, and when the next group entered the section of the attraction I was held prisoner in, I began to wonder if I’d actually find my group again. I didn’t know if I was supposed to break out or just wait, but was eventually freed by my creepy, mallet-weilding cell mate. Cautiously, I made my way to the last location where I lost my group and was filled with a genuine sense of dread when the same guard who cornered me in the cell spotted me. I was afraid of being put back in that cell, but the actor was far too terrifying to run past or ignore, and so I approached as commanded for further admonishment before finally being sent to rejoin my group.

    There’s just something very special about those personal moments when they happen to you, and for me, they make an attraction unforgettable. Amazingly, my dad said I didn’t miss too much during my absence, just managing to catch the end of another set piece enough to piece together its story.

    It’s not often that I feel legitimately intimidated in a scare attraction, but the actors of Satan’s Slammer managed to get my heart racing. All in all, this is an attraction that will stay in my memory as one of the greats.


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