The Bunker Below 2021

22 October 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm






7 Reviews on “The Bunker Below 2021”

Very Good
7 reviews
  • Richard

    It was okay, not really scary just lots of screaming (from the actors not groups). Given instructions to follow the lights, followed the lights and missed half of it. Poor directions on where to go next. Probably won’t return.

  • Louise

    When I first arrived, I felt like it was going to have so much potential, but the night was mostly actors screaming at you, instead of jump scares. My group were told to follow the lights, and we ended up missing a chunk of the experience because the directions weren’t clear where to go. It was an okay evening, but could have been so much more.

  • Sofi

    Brilliant scares and so much fun! We booked for last night and ended up getting sent through as a pair, we were terrified but thought it was a bit short! Turns out we’d gone the wrong way and missed the first half 🙈 The team were fantastic and sent us through again – even though we knew what would happen for some of it we were still terrified and screaming the whole way through – pretty sure they ramped up the scares as payback! Fantastic event and would 100% recommend- we’ll definitely be back next year!👻

  • Alix

    After travelling nearly 2 hours to get there it was definitely worth it and will 100% be going back again next year for the bunker but also the zombie/last survivor event too! Even though we went the wrong way and missed the first floor first time around we thought it was really good ,just the right amount of scares ,screams and laughs! We went away convinced we had missed something as we were told we were the first group to finish but definitely weren’t the first to go in ,so we phoned though and was offered to come back and do it again … even though some actors had already seen us they stayed I character and were professional till the end, in fact because they knew we had already done it and were one of the last to go in for the evening the second time around they definitely went out of their way to scare us even more. Can’t wait to see what they will do next year

  • Ed

    After a semi long journey from Colchester it was worth every penny! Very diverse and different set of scares each of which take you off guard. However even with the diversity it manages to stay on theme and keep you engaged throughout.

    Staff and crew and incredible! Heard they host a zombie event throughout the year so looking forward to see what else is to come! 😱😄😂

  • Jess

    I went on the opening night and for a brand new event and their first night I think it was amazing. Feel the other reviews are a but unfair taking this in to account. I found it easy to follow the route around and loved that there was an actual story to this rather than just mazes where people jump at out you. Think this is more of an experience than a scare maze, perhaps that’s why people are a bit confused about it as they are waiting for a BOO in the dark. I’m looking forward to coming back next year and seeing what they come up with. Also had a chat with the crew as I lost my phone and they were all so nice and helpful.

  • Sullivan

    Absolutely loved it. The atmosphere/set/actors & props were so good ! My friends and I have been to quite a few scare mazes so we aren’t easily scared but this is definitely up there in the best places we’ve been too. Definitely worth the £25 and will be going back again next year !


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