Tulleys Shocktober Fest 2021

1 October 2021






2 Reviews on “Tulleys Shocktober Fest 2021”

2 reviews
  • Luke Trudgett

    Visited on the first mid week date an it was great fun as always!

    Hit the event at 6pm sharp, the queue was ong but waa only a matter of minutes before we were in. Food an drinks was all spot on as in previous years.

    The cottage
    Personally feel this is sometimes the weakest out of the Line up. But this year more actors left us in high spirits for the rest of the mazes.

    Well where do we start. Batching was a serious issue as seemed the attraction host was batching personal groups an not mixing numbers hence thel Ongar queues. Not tulleys fault, but people kept stopping mid way through an as such I kept bumping into the person in front due to stop starting. The intro audio room needs more (within the roped off area) an the false ending seems to be the highlight of the maze this year compared to the actual maze!

    The island
    A new theme for this year an it seemed to fit really well. A few dead spots but all in all a great new twist on the maze.

    The cellar
    Nothing much has changed still a great maze with some energetic actors within.

    Chop shop
    The land of chainsaws, the smell what more can you want! The intro into the maze was nicely paced with a few actors which led for the freezer/chop room to be a whole assault on your senses an just gives that juxtaposition.

    A great maze an more actors this year! Though one mention would be something bug in the center instead of having a head large open space compared to the crampness of everywhere else in the maze.

    The amount of smoke used in this maze is amazing so dense an you have to use the walls to navigate in some areas! A great concept an love the new beginning.

    Great fun an as amp as you can get! Also love how they have add to the themeing to tie in the film studio feel with new decals etc.

    Circus Of Horrors
    Always been a fan an love the variety used this year, short an sweet an always great fun!

    All in all, myself an a friend had a great evening at tulleys, so what more do you need?!?!

    1. Scare Directory Post author

      Thanks for the review. We love hearing others thoughts.

  • Mike

    A fun night out, lots of mazes, plus rides and shows, plenty of performers both in and out of the mazes, tractor ride is something a bit different, top marks for sets and production values.

    1. Scare Directory Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to review. We really like to hear peoples thoughts.


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