Now quite an old documentary but one I’ve only recently got round to viewing. If you aren’t aware this is a documentary following the creation of a haunt in Michigan called Phobia House created by the Gerard family. 

From the outset I found the documentary engaging wanting the creators to succeed. I found it really wonderful to see how all the cast of the attraction got along like one big family. Something I have heard numerous times but great to see in action. 

You saw the process from beginning to end starting with the team needing to find a new location for the haunt through to Halloween. I was impressed to see the sheer size of the attraction as well as the attention to detail and passion from all the actors.

They not only followed the actors but also a number of customer encounters ranging from those who left unimpressed to those who wet themselves in sheer fright. 

The team went all out on the final night and the story telling made me want to keep watching until the end.

It would be great to visit the attraction based in a tiny Michigan town but unfortunately after a little research it looks as if Phobia House is no more. If you are a fan of scare attractions and curious about the creative process this film is a must see.

It’s currently available on Amazon Prime and more information can be found on IMDB here.

Author: Ashley