Following Cruelty I had the opportunity to partake in a private game of HVRTING. For those who may not know HVRTING: The Extreme Haunt Card Game immerses guests into a world where friendships go out the window and you are all playing to ‘survive’. The aim of the game is to collect four resource cards simple right? Not quite The Director has placed many torture, endurance and restraint cards among them to make you hurt!

So it begins, we are directed down into the room where the HVRTING table is located. In the centre are some candles, duct tape, sharpies and more. The lights are down with a slight smell of old casino in the air. We are sat in pairs as for tonight the game would be played in teams of two.

The first card is taken from the deck it is read aloud, the group gasp as the first task is announced. We play around the table, the suspense building as our cards are slowly turned over. My teammate and I agree to take the cards in turn to share the hurting. I am soon made to wear a blindfold this made the experience even more intense as I sit there hearing only the sound of other players experiences.

The game continues around the table, gasps and shrieks are heard as more cards are slowly turned over. The implements on the table are used to enact whatever is displayed on the card. Resource cards start to be collected, a team just need one to go but it all changes in a flash as the opportunity to steal a card lands on the table.

Competition between players ensues until one team win. But wait, there can only be one winner. The two who were once a team now have to go head to head for the win.

As quickly as the game had started it had ended. Players relax back in their seats as duct tape, hoods and everything else are put back where they started.

We leave the room and walk back up the stairs. The thought ‘what have I just done?’ enters my head as I talk to the other players, reminiscing about the hour or so that has just passed.

What an experience HVRTING was. It is definitely not a game for everyone but for those who like to push themselves, who want to discover their limits of discomfort or just want to find out what HVRTING is all about it is definitely worth playing. I am grateful to have played the game with a wonderful group of people who took each card in their stride and really got into the spirit of the game.

Some might play HVRTING and say never again while others may just want more, I definitely fit in the ‘more’ camp and maybe one day will get the opportunity to walk down those stairs, sit around the table and play this unique game of cards.

Author: Ashley