This one will be a pretty short review, which is no reflection of the quality of the show I experienced, just that I’ve been sworn to secrecy about the content. To be honest that’s no bad thing, because if the team at PDXtreme decide to extend this run, or run it again in the future, then it’s best to go in cold, not knowing what to expect as I did.

PDXtreme are based over In Portland, Oregon and as such there is the obvious time zone difference that if you want to participate needs to be taken in to account. As such I was sat by my phone and laptop just before 1am waiting to for a Skype call with no real clue what to expect during the next 50 to 60 minutes of this solo show.

Billed as an interactive online horror experience, I was promptly on the video call, with the interactive element improving the connection with the live action I was seeing and hearing. It was clear I wasn’t to be a mere passive voyeur. Even the standard set-up help at the start worked well within the context of the narrative unfolding before me.

Without giving too much away I was an active, but obviously remote part of the show and had to make some choices. Being a previous choose your own adventure cheat in my youth, I was intrigued by what, if anything, would have happened differently if I’d made different choices.

The choices I made though, had a definite impact and in all honesty made we question myself, and those choices. Slightly more than that, I did reflect on my different emotions during the event, however ISLTN does allow you to explore your darker side a little but in an obviously safe and controlled way. There were a few times that I caught my awkwardly grinning face in the video chat, and said to myself, ‘Why the hell are you smiling at that?’. There were times when I felt anxious, uncomfortable, guilty, gleeful, and relishing it all a bit too much.

The fact that the team manage to elicit all that from me, through a remote experience was really well done. The narrative and the individual’s part they played in it all suitably convincing. As were the environments that the action took place in, all suitably dressed and fitting for the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and feel bad that I enjoyed it as much as I did, well maybe a little bit of guilt. I hope I get so see some of PDXtreme’s other shows either online, or if possible, make a trip up to the Pacific North West to experience in person. Either way thanks to Nikki, Sam and Jay for a brilliant performance, something unique, well executed, and well worth the late night.

Author: Steven