This is a bit of a tricky one to review. Whilst describing our experience at Nightmares in Norfolk, it’s difficult for it not to come across as bashing or slating the event. That’s not our intention and we’re just writing up what our run through was like. Nightmares in Norfolk is a new event for this year with a limited run of nights on Halloween and a couple of days before. We went on the Friday night and understand that due to the bad weather in the area, they had problems with 4 of their marquees.

As such, we arrived at the field, parked up and joined the short queue in front of the only standing marquee. From here there were some sound effects, but we could see most of the path for the event so most of the actors and other guests going through were clearly visible. COVID precautions were good, temp checks, hand sanitizer and good social distancing throughout, with good batching, not that it should have been much of a problem.

We made a note of the time when we entered the marquee and again when we finished the event. We’re not the fastest walkers, but we had completed the entire thing in 6 minutes. Our tickets were almost 10 quid and if we weren’t doing other things in the area that evening we would have been very upset if we’d spent more than about ten minutes travelling to and from the event.

On the run through the event, there were 4 ‘scenes’, three from classic horror films, featuring Jason, Michael Myers and Leatherface, and one section with some suitably creepy clowns. To be fair to the actors, all bar one were decent and did the absolute best they could with what they had and despite the open nature of the short walk. There were some fun theatrical elements as well as some creepy parts. No real impact scares, as you can pretty much see everyone from any other part of the walk. In addition, you also get the backdrop of an ’A’ road next to the field that this took place in with the constant lights and noise of the traffic rumbling past. Oh, there was a burger van, but we didn’t see any guests visiting it.

Nightmares in Norfolk is currently planning to return in 2021, but it will have to massively improve from our experience to warrant a return visit or any meaningful recommendation.

Author: Steven