Oakwood Spooktacular 2021

Oakwood, Wales’ biggest theme park in the heart of South Wales has hosted a Halloween event for a few years now, and we finally got to visit the park and its four scare mazes. It’s worth noting that these scare mazes open from 4.30pm when parts of the park are closed off and are part of standard park entry tickets and are not an additional upcharge.

Witch Hunt

First up for us was Witch Hunt, a seasonal permanent attraction in the park. Due to this it was a fun start to proceedings and had some nice elements to it. As with all the mazes given that younger children can enjoy them it wasn’t the scariest for us, but still enjoyable.


We then went for Alone, a fairly basic Heras fencing / black sheeting maze with plenty of fog to make up for the exposure to daylight. As you might expect, you are meant to brave this short maze alone. Like Witch Hunt this didn’t provide many impactful scares and theming was basic.


Our third maze was Dismantled, which was the most extensively themed maze with a hillbilly junkyard vibe. The short maze provided a couple of slightly more impactful scares, but that was about it.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Sadly, due to time constraints as we needed to head elsewhere, we were unable to experience Teddy Bears Picnic, but it was good to see healthy batching with only one group at a time going through this, and indeed all the other mazes.


We had a fun day at Oakwood, enjoying the rides with the alpine slide, Bobsleigh, being our highlight. Whilst the scare mazes clearly aren’t aimed at an older, more experienced audience it would appeal to families with slightly younger children especially as it’s no additional cost to standard entry. Certainly worth doing if you were planning to visit the park anyway.

Spooktacular runs through till 31st October.

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