Pasaje Del Terror is a classic attraction situated at the entrance to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Perfectly situated to pop into while having a break from the rides or as you leave the park.

It was a quiet day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We had managed to get around all the rides a number of times so I thought I’d end the day with a visit to Pasaje Del Terror.

This visit did not disappoint. I in a group of around 8. The group were a surprisingly confident bunch (not the usual screamers) I feel this made the actors work extra hard to get a reaction.

This well and truly paid off. The actors were approaching the group from all angles managing to create scares and frights for everyone from the front to the back.

There were a number of moments that stood out. The first the hand of Freddy as if from nowhere launching towards me as I jumped out of my skin. The second was when I looked back at Michael Myers, to find him launching towards me knife in hand.

When entering the Exorcist themed room it felt as if the effects were set off a little early. Though this didn’t phase the actor who threw herself around the space really well and managed to scare a lot of the group.

You would think that visiting an attraction like Pasaje Del Terror many times would loose its appeal. This is definitely not the case, as I find with every visit I notice a new bit of theming and detail. As well as this the actors always manage to find new ways to generate a good impact scare.

Overall this was a great run through Pasaje Del Terror and I felt that everyone in the group got well and truly scared.

Pasaje Del Terror is open until the 3rd November. If you are in the area I highly recommend a quick trip to experience this great example of what a scare attraction can be.

Author: Ashley