Psycho Path takes place at Lintz Hall Farm, a short drive from Newcastle upon Tyne. On arrival you can tell that this is a huge event from the sheer size of the car park. Staff clearly directed us to an appropriate spot and after a short walk I emerged into the central hub.

Without visiting in person it’s hard to indicate just how large this area is. Once you enter and get your wristband you are left to wander around the massive venue before joining the queues for the mazes. I attended on a fairly quiet night but even with a small crowd the atmosphere was absolutely buzzing. There were a number of midway attractions, photo ops, food trucks, merch stand and bars a plenty.

At one end of the building there was a stage with three acts rotating throughout the night. I managed to catch a bit of the band and the magic show which were both excellent. Between acts the DJ pumped out club tunes that just added to the party atmosphere.

There were a few roaming actors that would creep up on unsuspecting patrons and give them a fright. I particularly liked the cheeky clown.

The Mazes


First up was iScream this maze started out with a fairly traditional curtains section with actors popping out of the different flaps. While the theming was quite simple I was really impressed with the sheer number of scares achieved in this section. But the good news is that this wasn’t just a curtains maze.

On leaving the curtains segment you emerge into a wooden section weaving around with a few scares and creepy characters hiding in the cracks. It was after this that I came to my favorite section of the maze. A strong smell of ice cream engulfed a bright white room filled with nothing but smoke. I had no idea which way to go so just kept on walking bumping into many walls. I couldn’t see a thing. The use of bright white walls and smoke in this section worked really well and left me really quite confused.

I eventually found my way out of this section and into the back of a sweet van. The two actors in here were great one more playful the other sitting sinisterly in the corner and slowly creeping towards me. The interactions were good and really made you feel quite uneasy.

A strobe section ended this maze with a classic chainsaw ending before emerging into a fairground located adjacent to the central hub.

This was a fun maze with some good scares along the way and a great start to the event.

Psycho Path

For this section you definitely need some good shoes as Psycho Path takes you on a very long winding adventure through the woods.

The journey starts as you are put into the back of a van with nothing but a bit of rope to hold onto. This was an exhilarating start to the attraction racing over the rough terrain towards the start of the trail. This transport mechanism was brilliant and was a unique way to start. I think the experience could have been heightened if you couldn’t see the outside of the van as they weren’t themed, detracting slightly from the experience.

Once we reached our destination we were thrown into a world of disarray that conjured up Mad Max vibes. There were tyres, burnt out cars and trucks. Actors worked the space well and really heightened the sense of terror.

The trail takes you through a number of different scenes, all actors working hard to get scares throughout. There were some great themed areas with lots of places for the actors to hide and attack the group from multiple angles. There was a dark tunnel section that slowly closed in on you with actors flashing lights around you. This was impressive and really disorientated our group.

Psycho Path was a brilliant attack on the senses with good theming that used the outdoor space well with scares around every corner.

Psycho City

You actually queue for this area as soon as you make your way through the end of Psycho Path. The outside themed like a decontamination zone. With flashing lights and loud announcments setting the scene.

Into the tent we go where the group are hit with a sudden burst of smoke. This was perfectly timed and I jumped out of my skin. Throughout the rest of this section you meet the inhabitants of the Psycho City. All looking a little worse for wear. There were some great themed sections, one including an impressive organ. Again this was a long maze and the actors really worked the space well.

This maze again ended with a chainsaw. I think I would have liked to have seen the initial smoke scare at the beginning moved to the end as it would have given a relevant finale as the group are ‘decontaminated’.

Final Thoughts

The team behind Psycho Path have clearly worked hard to create this stand out event. The use of the building for the central hub was great, giving it a real festival/party vibe. The actors in the mazes were on top form and managed to get a large number of scares.

This attraction is definitely one to not miss if you are in the North East of England. It is great value for money with an evening full of frights and fun. Psycho Path runs on select dates throughout October.

Author: Ashley