We had the opportunity to experience another virtual escape room, this time across the pond in Amsterdam. This escape takes place beneth the Posthoorn church in Amsterdam and would be incredible to experience in person.

This escape room operates a little differently to those previously experienced in that you have a live stream running on YouTube and a Google Meeting running seperately. While the experience works on a smartphone or a tablet we would definitely recommend using a laptop or desktop as well as headphones to get the most out of this experience due to lag caused by using the two services.

The escape room itself runs for approximately 90 minutes and starts with a virtual stroll along the canals of Amsterdam before making your way into the church. It is here where mysterious happenings take place and you become fully immersed in the escape experience.


Image Courtesy of Logic Locks

The escape room itself had incredible theming with a brilliantly creepy atmosphere. Special effects were used throughout along with a mischievous monkey who kept moving each time we turned our backs.


It was very easy to see around the room and pick up on the various clues contained within. The puzzles were varied and while not the most difficult the pairing with the excellent guide and the eerie effects made for a fun filled 90 minutes.


The host was excellent providing humour as well as the right level of guidance around the room. We particularly enjoyed the interactions between the host and our team, offering a level of enjoyable banter which added to the narrative.


We would highly recommend this escape room for horror fans as it has a number of scares throughout as well as an interesting narrative that moves the experience along.

Overall this was an excellent escape room with clever effects and ingenious puzzles. We can’t wait to plan a trip to experience it in person. Check out the Amsterdam Catacombs to book your experience in person or online.

Author: Ashley