Earlier this week a few of us virtually experienced the Evil Dead 2 Official Live Video Escape Room from Hourglass Escapes based in Seattle, though being virtual you can experience the room from anywhere in the world.
The team have experienced a number of virtual escape rooms during lockdown and this one well and truly delivered. 

The Room

The theming in the room was on another level. The room was an excellent replica of the cabin in the movie with many replica props and decorations throughout. The attention to detail was superb going as far as making sure the flooring ran in the correct direction. The room also implemented a number of effects that were innovative and worked well with the narrative. Fans of the movie will love the quality of the set in the room and all the details and nods to the cabin from the film.

The Puzzles

The puzzles were varied with something for everyone. We appreciated the use of different puzzle mechanics as well as a digital inventory which the team hadn’t seen before. This worked really well enabling us to keep track of the items we had discovered along the way and it allowed for a reasonable amount of non-linearity that is difficult to provide in virtual escape rooms due to the limitation of having one pair of eyes, ears and hands in the room.

The Narrative

The storyline slots in nicely with the events from the movie and uses characters and Easter eggs that any Evil Dead fan would appreciate. There is a good amount of backstory provided before the event that helps to set the scene for those not as familiar with the film, and it makes it just as accessible even if you’ve never seen it. Of particular note was our avatar Shemp who provided us with the physical presence in the room. Shemp really enhanced the narrative, hope he’s still alright.


Overall this escape room was fantastic. The attention to detail along with challenging puzzles and clever Easter eggs for the die-hard fans made this a great experience and justifies the higher cost. We would definitely recommend this experience virtually and could imagine it being even better in real life.

Places are still available on selected dates in May and June with the bricks and mortar version available to those in the Seattle area after COVID 19 restrictions are lifted. Check out Hourglass Escapes for more information and tickets.

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