Every Valentines Scare Kingdom put on Valenterror their annual Valentine’s event. This event opens three of the permanent buildings from Halloween with a Valentines retheme. We thoroughly enjoyed last years event and this year was just as good.


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This maze takes place in Scare Kingdom’s flagship attraction Manormortis but this time with a Valentines twist. You can choose to enter alone or with a partner accompanied by only a single glow stick to guide the way. While it’s a shame you can’t experience the great theming in the attraction This approach enables stronger scares due to the darkness of the attraction. Every room had scares aplenty. The actors used the shadows exceptionally well enabling them to hide inches from you with scares hitting hard. It was also great that throughput was also managed well at no point did any of our group see other people’s glow sticks or catch up to each other. 

Body Snatchers – Roo-Pauline’s Dungeons & Drag Queens

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Well, where to start with this hilarious retheme of Body Snatchers. You enter the Body Snatchers building and are met by Demi Monde. We are introduced to what is definitely going to be a different kind of attraction. On to the second room where we met Roo-Pauline an absolutely fabulous character with sidekick in tow. These two bounced off each other really well leading to much hilarity. The fun continued through some nightclub themed areas the smoke and lighting filling the room. We met a number of additional characters all with funny dialogue. The final scene used the lighting effects well to mix frights and comedy. Our group left the attraction laughing and giggling.

Psychomanteum – SPEED Date!

Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

It was time to visit Psychomanteum. This time we enter as two, ready to be paired up with one of the Psychomanteum inhabitants. This attraction had the usual humour and gross-out moments you come to expect from Psychomanteum and while I don’t think it was the strongest incarnation it was definitely a good concept and one that could be explored further.

Overall a fun time was had by all. For me, the highlight was Roo-Pauline’s Dungeons & Drag Queens. I really hope this theme comes back in the future as it works so well, humour and scares really do go hand in hand.

Scare Kingdom returns on the 2nd May for Walpurgis Night celebrating halfway to Halloween. We had a fun time last year and I’m sure this will have some fun surprises.

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