On a cold Friday night in December I visited Scare Kingdom’s Christmas FestEVIL.

Manormortis Nevermore

The evening started with a visit to Manormortis Nevermore a story revolving around Edgar Allen-Poe. The story telling was superb with some of the best acting I’ve seen in a scare attraction. I felt the story fitted in well with the Manormortis theming which is simply stunning and wouldn’t feel out of place in a US theme park. Though not an intense attraction the story telling made the whole thing very enjoyable.

Body Snatchers Krampus Catacomb

Our group continued into the second attraction set in a funeral parlour. Again the theming was impeccable. I really enjoyed the elves who made the whole experience really funny. Again not huge scares but a good humorous story that tied together nicely.

Psychomanteum Glory Grotto

Last to visit was Psychomateum. This is an up charge over eighteen attraction and was worth every penny. I don’t want to give much away but let’s say you may get a few surprises. Fun Uncle Bazzer was a great character who managed to make me laugh while at the same time being completely grossed out.

Overall this was a great Christmas event that gave a nice festive spin on scares with well written scripts, fantastic acting and lots of funny moments. The event was only for the weekend but Scare Kingdom will be back for Valentines.

Author: Ashley