Back to Scare Kingdom we go, this time for some festive scares.

Scare Kingdom should be commended for the creativity shown in each season with new storylines and tweaks to scenery every time.

We found this Christmas overlay to be more on the fun theatrical side which worked well for a Christmas event.

Manormortis – The 13th Night of Christmas

Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

“On the first night of Christmas my master gave to me, a body under the Christmas tree.” So the story begins a body, dead under the tree. Will we find out what happens? Or meet or own end in this fun reimagining of the traditional 12 days of Christmas. The attraction used well scripted sections with good acting throughout. The scenary had been slightly changed from halloween and Manormortis is so well themed that every time I walk through I seem to notice somehting that wasn’t there before.

Body Snatchers – Grand Guignol

Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

This story took particpants around the Body Snatchers maze meeting various characters from an eccentric theatre manager’s ensemble. Like Manormorits the acting and scenary in this attraction were brilliant. I particularly enjoyed the theatre manager at the beginning encouraging audience participation and adding some good humour.

Psychomanteum – Bloody F*cking Christmas

Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

This incarnation of Psychomanteum was tamer than previous versions but was still a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Each scene had it’s own laugh out loud moments as you met some of Uncle Bazza’s friends and family. Each scene shocked while fitting well with the overall narrative. The actors all worked hard and delivered a fantastic show in what is quite a demanding attraction.

Overall Scare Kingdom Christmas FestEVIL was a great festive experience. It wasn’t the scariest incarnation but was still an enjoyable, fun and engaging evening. Scare Kingdom deliver something new every time wether that be Valentines, Wallpurgis Night, Halloween or Christmas so I’d recomend going along to the next event Valenterror on the 15th February.

Author: Ashley