Scare Kingdom Scream Park Walpurgis Night 2022

After our experience (see below) at Scare Kingdom’s Valentine’s event Valenterror we were invited back to to see what they had in store for their half way to Halloween event Walpurgis night. This was quite a special Walpurgis night as it was to be the last Psychomanteum before it would be gone forever. 

It was a mild Summer’s evening and we made our way to the very familiar location of Mrs Dowsons Farm. The site has definitely improved over the years since our first visit. Now featuring a tented seating area, food and drink options plus roaming actors all these small touches definitely add to the overall experience and give the event more of a vibe. 

After passing the ticket office we were greeted by the first actor guiding us to Manormortis. She had some fun improvisations bantering with our group which is a really nice way to fill the void between the ticket booth and the first scare maze. 

Manormortis – Diodati

We had a brief wait before entering the now very familiar Manormortis building. This incarnation was Diodati featuring many authors of the past famed for their classic horrors. Greeted initially by Lord Byron we entered the fireplace and met many creations of authors gone by. This was definitely the more theatrical of the mazes with some jump scares scattered throughout. As we’ve said many times the theming is superb and the actors always give it their all. I wouldn’t say this was my favourite version of Manormortis but it was fun none the less. 

Body Snatchers – Timetrapped

Next was Body Snatchers – Timetrapped, an interesting overlay on the Body Snatchers set. It worked really well and got us wondering what could be possible in the using a theme that in itself isn’t particularly scary. I think there is a space for more sci-fi type scares. It started being introduced to the lead character and his time machine which was a nicely designed prop with sound, lights and smoke effects. What followed was more scare heavy with a few decent jumps throughout. While most of the scenes worked well we found the room that usually has a well choreographed series of scares left our group a little confused as to what was to come next as it didn’t quite flow as well as usual.  In the church scene the seating was used, this was a nice change that I don’t recall being done recently, it gave a brief break before the scares continued. In all this was a novel take on sci-fi for a scare maze and something I personally would like to see more of. 

Psychomanteum – Rainblow

So last up was in our opinion the main event! The last ever Psychomanteum. While sadly we didn’t get to experience the earlier versions of Psychomanteum we have always looked forward to what Scare Kingdom would attempt next with ‘the UK’s sickest attraction’ This final incarnation was a great send off to the 18+ attraction. The fun started before even entering the attraction. Vania the host was absolutely brilliant keeping the queue line entertained and engaged as they all waited their turn. A huge thank you for the hard work of this actor and for keeping it up throughout the night. Top job. Every now and then as we waited our turn we saw glimpses of a puppet we would be meeting. As we entered the first scene it was clear this incarnation would really cater for our generation. Full of references to classic TV shows we grew up watching with an adult twist as well as nods to previous Psychomanteums that had come before including some great Easter eggs throughout. This was a great send off for an attraction that has well and truly split opinion. 

Overall Walpurgis night was a fun evening with decent scares and a memorable Psychomanteum.

As we publish our thoughts Scare Kingdom have recently announced what is to replace Psychomanteum and it’s going to be quite different. Entitled Enigma it will take two guests through a number of challenges. What could this entail who knows. I guess we will have to wait until The halloween season at Scare Kingdom to find out.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Valenterror 2022

On a wet and chilly evening we made our way up to the now very familiar site of Mrs Dowson’s Farm for the annual Scare Kingdom Valenterror event. Like all out of season Scare Kingdom events this included a run through Manormortis and Body Snatchers plus an up-charge optional extra with Psychomanteum. 

Manormortis: The House of Dracula

First up was Manormortis this time with a vampire overlay. It’s not often you see a vampire themed attraction so it was really nice to see what can be done with the theme. Personally I feel that Manormortis is perfect for such a theme. The decoration plays well to the concept with its old fashioned theming. While unfortunately it was difficult to hear the initial actor due to the soundtrack being too loud, the first scene was well executed. Personally I feel this scene could work a little better with a lower audio volume enabling the actor to speak softer making the scene feel all the more sinister. This was a strong version of Manormortis and was enjoyable throughout. Jump scares were well timed and the small pieces of dialogue worked well. This was a good start to the evening. 

Body Snatchers: Dick in the Dark

Unfortunately prior to entering this maze we had a particularly long wait in the cold. Usually at Scare Kingdom you have a queue at the start and the rest of the event flows nicely from there with minimal waiting. For some reason on Saturday night we waited much longer than usual causing everyone waiting to feel a little frustrated prior to entering the maze. 

We finally entered the first scene which felt a little rushed before moving to the second room where a humorous story introduced us to the background of Dick Turpin. What followed was the usual walk through Body Snatchers but this time it didn’t seem to have the level of scares that are common in this attraction. We felt that there were many dead spots with nothing happening. Towards the end we met Dick in the penultimate scene this worked well providing a few jump scares while seated with a nicely choreographed piece. Following this the scares seemed to fade away leaving us walking out feeling a bit disappointed. 

Psychomanteum: Cupid’s Catacomb

Now we always try to give little away when writing about Psychomanteum. This time we went through as a two, this added to the comic effect as I can imagine some couples finding the experience awkward throughout adding to the uncomfortable nature. There was a fun variety of scenes ranging from doing physical activities to eating one of the most disgusting things I have ever put in my mouth. The other person with me couldn’t keep it down even only having the smallest bite. The scenes continued to be the usual variety of smut and filth you come to expect. Overall this was a fun run through but do feel that the edible aspect isn’t needed and quite literally left a bad taste in our mouth. We also had a solo run version as well and the the scenes were adapted well to work for a single person doing Psychomanteum.

We left Scare Kingdom with very mixed feelings. Usually an event that has us leaving with a bit of a buzz had us wondering if it was worth it. Not a commonly uttered phrase when visiting Scare Kingdom. Knowing what we have experienced previously this is likely just a one off and we still look forward to Walpurgis Night. I would recommend reading our previous reviews to see what we generally think of this event.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Halloween Season 2021

Scare Kingdom returns with some impressive improvements to the whole site. But don’t worry the classic Scare Kingdom charm hasn’t been lost. On entry there’s a new tented area with a food and drink kiosk. There are also more toilets and a small farm shop that does incredible hot chocolates and has a good selection of other drinks and snacks. Though to note, sadly there was only limited merchandise available this year when we attended.

As always, we were met with fantastic roving actors and had some entertaining interactions that were equally funny and gross. Whilst we will go into a bit of detail about each of the mazes, we really want to start off by saying that they were all just fantastic. The areas were all creatively designed with spaces varying from those which require you to crawl to to those with tight corridors and corners. The sets and theming were all excellent and truly immersive, with lighting, smells and tons of props with an overall effect that you’ve truly landed in the world they’ve created. The scare actors have always been great and this year was no different. The theatrics of their performances and ability to riff with members of the group whilst fully committing to character is impressive and is one of our favourite elements to these mazes. A noted improvement throughout was on audio levels. We appreciate it’s difficult to get the right balance between ensuring background sounds are loud enough to be impactful and to block out any noise from other groups in the maze or from outside, and the volume of the actors, and this year Scare Kingdom got it absolutely spot on. 

The Paradise Foundation: insurgence 

Here we joined the rebellion group ‘The Freed Radicals’ to infiltrate a morally questionable medical facility. For this maze we were asked to put our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us. There were a lot of very dark sections which we thought might have been the reasoning but the hands on shoulders felt unnecessary and slightly detracted from some of the jump scares. However, this is a very minor comment and it didn’t detract from the overall impact and quality of the maze.

Manormortis: Dead of Knight

In this maze we witnessed the Knights Templar as they led a crusade to overturn the Haxenghast dynasty, in a defiant attempt to bring their Dark God to life and claim dominion over Manormortis. We had some particularly excellent interactions with the introductory scare actor who sang us a song which set the scene and vibe for the rest of the maze. As usual the Manormortis theming was exceptional and it’s always great to see how the different stories fit around this attraction.


In Gothica we found ourselves in the desecrated Abbey of All Hallows. We had the longest wait for this maze but we had yet another great interaction with the introductory scare actor who kept us entertained before we entered this reliquary of the supernatural to face the incorporeal creatures that dwelled within. This maze had some super tight spaces and smokey sections which were really effective. It felt very claustrophobic and disorienting, which worked really well.

Bodysnatchers: Gunpowder Plot

We entered Bodysnatchers to hear that Guy Fawkes and his band of brigands had made their lair in the cellars of Brimstone & Black’s degenerate funeral parlour and were intent on blowing up the King and his Privy Council. This was a classic scare maze and the theatrics were just fantastic. There are effects that appear regularly in this maze and these were used really well within the story and gave us a few fun frights along the way.

Zozo’s Grindhouse: Skin Stitchers

Last but by absolutely no means least, we had Zozo’s Grindhouse where we were met by Alice Grim the Skin Stitcher who led us into a maze to meet the infamous killer-clown Zozo. Of all the mazes, this one had the best jump scares in both quality and quantity and had us looking over our shoulder at every turn. The maze has a number of disorientating rooms that just help land those scares over and over again.

Psychomanteum: The Second Coming 

Though optional, we highly recommend Psychomanteum for anyone who wants to test their limits, has a strong stomach and a sick sense of humour. We won’t go into much detail but have to say that this year is one of the strongest so far and the favourite of two thirds of the Scare Directory team. We also have to give credit here because the lights cut out while two of the team were inside and though it took a little while for them to come back on the actors dealt with it very well and they made sure that those who got caught inside had the opportunity to go through again. The only slightly negative comments we have are that over the years we’ve gotten used to the hostess of psychomanteum being very chatty and engaging to really set the mood for what we are about to face. This year they weren’t bad but there could’ve been more interaction particularly during the wait for the light to come back on.

Overall a fantastic night at an excellent event, the changes that have been made to the central hub and route around the mazes works really well and we felt it was one of the strongest iterations of Scare Kingdom we’ve been to and we feel that every year it keeps levelling up so we would highly recommend checking it out. We can’t wait to see what Scare Kingdom bring us next.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Walpurgis Night 2021


Having visited Scare Kingdom many times we were pleasantly surprised to see the brilliant improvements made to the farm since our last visit. As you arrive and walk towards the entrance you are greeted with a huge covered seating area as well as a food and drink stand. While we didn’t take advantage of this area it’s clearly going to be a fantastic offering for the larger Halloween event.

As usual with Scare Kingdom we had allocated entry times so were processed very quickly and headed straight to the first attraction

Manormortis – Underland

Seeing Manormortis in daylight is always strange and you notice extra detail in the outside area. There is a small queuing area outside the show building and it was here we first met and interacted with our host. This actor set the scene incredibly well improvising with the group and playing a rather bonkers scatterbrained character, making our group laugh and really got us in the mood for what was to come.

Manormortis as always is a sight to be seen. Lots of great theming throughout and small changes to fit with the Underland theme. We met all the characters you would expect to see from the Alice in Wonderland story but with a dark twist that fitted perfectly into the setting. One comment would be that due to the actors needing to wear masks, dialogue was sometimes a little difficult to hear over the background music and sound effects. I think if the audio was turned down slightly this would have helped follow the story a little better, and to be honest would be a benefit even if the actors aren’t wearing masks.

The characters as mentioned previously were much darker versions of the Alice in Wonderland characters each with their own twisted dialogue. This was very much a theatrical experience with a smattering of scares but this made the Manormortis experience much longer and was a really enjoyable piece of theatre.

Body Snatchers – The Highgate Vampire

Next up we experienced a vampire version of Body Snatchers, the funeral directors. A great introduction scene with the priest and the owner of the funeral directors created lots of humour.

Vampires aren’t often represented at scare attractions so it was good to see them appearing at Scare Kingdom. The theme worked well with the Body Snatchers set 

The scares were definitely more full on in this experience and came fairly fast. Unfortunately on our run the last scene didn’t quite hit as hard as it could have, which was a shame as it’s always good to leave on a solid scare. But it didn’t detract from the overall experience being very enjoyable. 

Psychomanteum – Dirty Weekend

Oh boy, Psychomanteum has done it again with a dirty weekend. We experienced a lot of things and scenes that could make you feel uncomfortable. What was clever though was in the dialogue in one scene, we were instructed to do something uncomfortable but due to the innovative wording it was down to how we wanted to interpret it meaning that no one was put into a position they were not completely happy with.

Also another scene later on used a switch from one collection of items to another causing shock for the guests thinking their personal belongings may have been interfered with whereas they were perfectly safe. The only minor criticism would be that the narrative of the maze didn’t quite gel as well as some previous versions, 2020’s Halloween as a very specific example of a good narrative that fit well with all the disturbing elements rather than it just being an exercise in shock for shock’s sake.

Again this direction of Psychomanteum is a good one and fun. Keep it up, We’re happy not eating or drinking anything.


Overall an absolutely fantastic evening was had. Great theatrical scenes ending with some shocks. I’d highly recommend this out of season event with fewer attractions to get guests through, as it gives the creative team more time to work on dialogue and have far longer scenes throughout the attraction. Keep at it, Scare Kingdom, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for Halloween. Hopefully we can relax in the new area then.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Halloween Season 2020 Review

As with all scare attractions this year, we expect some changes from previous years to adhere to the current COVID regulations. With Scare Kingdom being our first traditional attraction of Halloween 2020 we were interested to see how they tackled this while maintaining an enjoyable experience.

The key difference was the way you entered the attraction. This year they are making use of the tepee near the entrance. You queue outside to limit the numbers of people in the tepee and this works quite well. The tickets are checked as well as the now common hand sanitisation and QR code scanning as you enter. You then moved to a photo opportunity and on to the first experience.

Horrid High Tea with Scrapfaggot & Mrs Filtch

Scare Kingdom Horrid High Tea with Scrapfaggot & Mrs Filtch Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

This experience takes place in the ‘Terrible Tea tent’ where you meet the creepy butler Scrapfaggot and Mrs Filtch. This acts as a fun introduction to the event. It sets the scene nicely with some fun improvisations between the actors and guests. It’s here we first noticed how well the face masks had been incorporated into the costumes.

As you leave the tent you are directed to the next attraction by a grave digging roaming actor who who added some further humour before the next attraction.

The Paradise Foundation – Bliss TV

Scare Kingdom The Paradise Foundation - Bliss TV Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

This experience starts before you even get inside with a doctor asking about what treatment you are in for. This added great humour to the start of this maze. The doctor also did a great job of ensuring that social bubbles were kept socially distanced whilst in character. This was followed by an intimidating character who led us into the experience and instructed us to stand with our backs against the wall. This acted as a great juxtaposition to the comedy just prior. Then it was back to a bit more humour for the opening of Bliss TV with our host Servalax who has learly been on QVC before.

It was at this point a slight change to usual proceedings appeared and that was a need for hands on shoulders. We have assumed this was to avoid groups touching various props and reducing areas that need sanitising. It’s worth noting that even with hands on shoulders this maze managed to create a number of impactful scares throughout which work well with the storyline. A standout is the last section with scares coming thick and fast.

Manormortis – Ghost Story

Scare Kingdom Manormortis - Ghost Story Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

This incarnation of Manormortis uses classic M.R. James ghost stories as the theme this year and worked well. We felt scares had been increased on previous years with a slight reduction in spoken sections. We think this worked in its favour and delivered a fun and long experience we all enjoyed. The quality of the sets, costumes and makeup were top-notch as well, though it was back to hands-on shoulders for this attraction.

Blitz! – The Hunger

Scare Kingdom Blitz! - The Hunger Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

An interesting approach to a scare maze. Patrons are provided with a single (sanitised) torch as we walked through narrow dark corridors. The maze which started with a different piece of dialogue at the beginning remained fairly unchanged from last year. We had a mixed experience in this one as scares didn’t hit us all as effectively as they possibly could. It’s a fun concept though that can offer a great opportunity to scare. No hands on shoulders in this maze and for the remainder of the event.

Body Snatchers – Chamber of Horrors

Scare Kingdom Body Snatchers - Chamber of Horrors Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

We take a trip around Madame Tussaud’s chamber of horrors meeting the various nasties inside. Again, this had a reduction in scripted sections but an increase in scares. The theming in this attraction is always great and again did not disappoint.

Zozo’s Grind House

Scare Kingdom Zozo's Grind House Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

A completely new concept for 2020 and one we all enjoyed. While quite a short experience Scare Kingdom managed to pack in quite a few fun scares including a fantastic black and white room that completely messed with your senses.

Psychomanteum – Scared STIFF

Scare Kingdom Psychomanteum - Scared STIFF Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

We were intrigued how Psychomanteum would function as an attraction famous for getting up close and personal. With the current restrictions in place, this attraction needed the biggest overhaul and potentially this worked in its favour. The grotesque scenes played out in front of you with some interaction either verbally or by physically holding something. This actually added to the experience and made it far more immersive and less passive as we had originally anticipated.


Before summarising the experience it’s probably also worth highlighting the new outdoor bar and seating area. This was fantastic, offering a nice place to sit down and relax after the hour or so of scares just prior. This is an addition that we think should come back next year, well when it isn’t raining at any rate.

Overall an absolutely fantastic start to Halloween 2020. We felt safe throughout with multiple hand sanitisation stops, strict enforcement of face masks and almost zero touchpoints within attractions. As always the main COVID concerns are from the other members of the public that you end up queueing with, though thankfully the few queues we were in, were quite short.

The actors were all brilliant, really pulling out the stops to deliver strong scares with a great deal of humour. While one may think the current situation would inhibit the impact of a scare attraction we would wholeheartedly disagree, Scare Kingdom managed to well and truly deliver.

Scare Kingdom is running until early November with tickets available on the Scare Kingdom website.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Valenterror 2020 Review

Every Valentines Scare Kingdom put on Valenterror their annual Valentine’s event. This event opens three of the permanent buildings from Halloween with a Valentines retheme. We thoroughly enjoyed last years event and this year was just as good.


Scare Kingdom MONSTERmortis – BLACKOUT! Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

This maze takes place in Scare Kingdom’s flagship attraction Manormortis but this time with a Valentines twist. You can choose to enter alone or with a partner accompanied by only a single glow stick to guide the way. While it’s a shame you can’t experience the great theming in the attraction This approach enables stronger scares due to the darkness of the attraction. Every room had scares aplenty. The actors used the shadows exceptionally well enabling them to hide inches from you with scares hitting hard. It was also great that throughput was also managed well at no point did any of our group see other people’s glow sticks or catch up to each other. 

Body Snatchers – Roo-Pauline’s Dungeons & Drag Queens

Scare Kingdom Body Snatchers – Roo-Pauline’s Dungeons & Drag Queens Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

Well, where to start with this hilarious retheme of Body Snatchers. You enter the Body Snatchers building and are met by Demi Monde. We are introduced to what is definitely going to be a different kind of attraction. On to the second room where we met Roo-Pauline an absolutely fabulous character with sidekick in tow. These two bounced off each other really well leading to much hilarity. The fun continued through some nightclub themed areas the smoke and lighting filling the room. We met a number of additional characters all with funny dialogue. The final scene used the lighting effects well to mix frights and comedy. Our group left the attraction laughing and giggling.

Psychomanteum – SPEED Date!

Scare Kingdom Psychomanteum – SPEED Date! Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

It was time to visit Psychomanteum. This time we enter as two, ready to be paired up with one of the Psychomanteum inhabitants. This attraction had the usual humour and gross-out moments you come to expect from Psychomanteum and while I don’t think it was the strongest incarnation it was definitely a good concept and one that could be explored further.

Overall a fun time was had by all. For me, the highlight was Roo-Pauline’s Dungeons & Drag Queens. I really hope this theme comes back in the future as it works so well, humour and scares really do go hand in hand.

Scare Kingdom returns on the 2nd May for Walpurgis Night celebrating halfway to Halloween. We had a fun time last year and I’m sure this will have some fun surprises.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Christmas FestEVIL 2019 Review

Back to Scare Kingdom we go, this time for some festive scares.

Scare Kingdom should be commended for the creativity shown in each season with new storylines and tweaks to scenery every time.

We found this Christmas overlay to be more on the fun theatrical side which worked well for a Christmas event.

Manormortis – The 13th Night of Christmas

Manormortis – The 13th Night of Christmas Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

“On the first night of Christmas my master gave to me, a body under the Christmas tree.” So the story begins a body, dead under the tree. Will we find out what happens? Or meet or own end in this fun reimagining of the traditional 12 days of Christmas. The attraction used well scripted sections with good acting throughout. The scenary had been slightly changed from halloween and Manormortis is so well themed that every time I walk through I seem to notice somehting that wasn’t there before.

Body Snatchers – Grand Guignol

Body Snatchers – Grand Guignol Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

This story took particpants around the Body Snatchers maze meeting various characters from an eccentric theatre manager’s ensemble. Like Manormorits the acting and scenary in this attraction were brilliant. I particularly enjoyed the theatre manager at the beginning encouraging audience participation and adding some good humour.

Psychomanteum – Bloody F*cking Christmas

Psychomanteum – Bloody F*cking Christmas Review
Image courtesy of Scare Kingdom

This incarnation of Psychomanteum was tamer than previous versions but was still a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Each scene had it’s own laugh out loud moments as you met some of Uncle Bazza’s friends and family. Each scene shocked while fitting well with the overall narrative. The actors all worked hard and delivered a fantastic show in what is quite a demanding attraction.

Overall Scare Kingdom Christmas FestEVIL was a great festive experience. It wasn’t the scariest incarnation but was still an enjoyable, fun and engaging evening. Scare Kingdom deliver something new every time wether that be Valentines, Wallpurgis Night, Halloween or Christmas so I’d recomend going along to the next event Valenterror on the 15th February.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Halloween Season 2019 Review

Ash and Josie were joined by Pagan and Dan from Parks, Scares and Glitter. They had the pleasurable torment of attending Scare Kingdom’s press night. 

The night consisted of five very different mazes, queue entertainment and an optional 18+ extra of the infamous Psychomanteum experience. 

The Parlour

Let’s start from the beginning. We entered the parlour with a fabulous actor introducing us to the event before sending us through to meet some of our favourite characters of the night, two filthy old ladies who showed us the way to the first maze. They were hilarious from the get go and will be mentioned later on in this review. Overall a fun and engaging introduction to the evenings events.

The Paradise Foundation

First up, Paradise Foundation. This maze was eagerly anticipated and it certainly hit the spot. On entrance we were immediately lined up in single file and the actors did an amazing job of setting the scene. Think of one actor with ominous presence just watching with another introducing us to the Paradise Foundation. The set design was impactful and cleverly done, and there was some really good use of the space taking advantage of different levels making the room feel like it was closing vertically, The maze included excellent effects and some really stimulating jump scares with some surprising elements. Unfortunately the surprising elements of the jump scares were only experienced by those at the very front and very back of the group, which was a shame. Overall Paradise Foundation was one of our favourites. A brilliant, well thought through concept with excellent execution. 

Manormortis – Borley Rectory

We emerged from Paradise Foundation and Demi Monde showed us the way to Manormortis – Borley Rectory. Upon entering a character explained that there were some spooky going’s on around the building from nun Marie Lairre. The set design was creative and the actors we interacted with were fun and enthusiastic. Unfortunately, overall this run felt weaker and more sparse on actors than previous runs. There seemed to be some lengthy stretches with little or no jump scares or actor interaction at all, which was a shame. Coming straight after Paradise Foundation it had a strong act to follow and sadly didn’t deliver to the usual standard.


Next up we had Blitz! On entry we were told that we were the last evacuees of the war however many of the previous evacuees saved had gone rabid and feral so we were to take care when heading to our bunker. The group was given a single flashlight which was handed to the person in the middle of the line and we entered into the darkness. Winding through dark corridors, some getting tighter and flashes of light disorientating the group was really effective. Having to feel your way and rely on the single source of constant light for comfort and direction helped us to work as a team and when that source of light was taken away it heightened the sense of anticipation.

The set was used really well and it goes to show what can be done with sounds and sense deprivation, and minimal physical theming. There were some good jump scares, a touch of claustrophobia and a panic inducing end which really topped it off. 

Body Snatchers – Sweeny Todd

Then on to Body Snatchers – Sweeny Todd. The story of Sweeny Todd unfolds in front of you as you are greeted by Mrs Lovett. You are taken thorough the usual rooms of Body Snatchers with the Sweeney Todd theming incorporated well into each set. The use of the space and the theming was creative and of a high standard. Whilst not full of scares, the actor interactions were fun and enjoyable and the ending was well timed and effective.

The Hoodening

Lastly, we had the Hoodening. We entered and were introduced to the experience. This introduction and the actor were very entertaining, unfortunately the experience itself fell flat. We were sacrifices being led to the sacrificial chamber and after being hooded we grabbed onto a rope to be led to slaughter. What we had in store for us was more a fumbling walk through with little interaction for most and no interaction for some. No jumps or scares were had and the hoods smelled very strongly of antibacterial cleaner which was just distracting although we appreciate the level of hygiene.

We got to the end and were told to take off our hoods by someone we were not sure whether they were an actor and playing a part or an attendant making sure the hoods were returned. On the exit of the Hoodening there was an actor in an excellent, well designed costume however the set around them was very basic and the imaginative character seemed like an add on and out of place. The experience could be much improved with more smells and sounds, and more interactions. Sadly an anticlimax to those that came before it. 

Psychomanteum – Trick or Treat?

Thankfully we had the option of going through the infamous Psychomanteum and boy are we glad we did. It’s Halloween season so it is trick or treat time with a game show element and we went through twice to find out the different outcomes for trick or treat. Psychomanteum is a perfect mix of creepy, funny, intense, in some parts and disgustingly engaging all wrapped up in one amazing experience. The only comment we had was that there is a jump scare at the end of the experience which felt like it didn’t fit with the overall theme and possibly wasn’t necessary or could have been more in keeping with the rest of the rooms however overall a fantastic end to the night. 

Final Thoughts

Whilst there were a couple of weaker or less impactful experiences and interactions, overall the attraction is well designed, very creative and each maze is very different to the last which keeps you on your toes. The actors must be applauded for their enthusiasm and their engagement. In particular the grannies we came into contact with many times queuing throughout the evening and whilst getting drinks. They really made the night and made the (short) queues go quickly. 

Scare Kingdom is running on select dates until 2nd November, definitely worth checking out.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Walpurgis Night 2019 Review

Manormortis – The Evil from Oz

Manormortis – The Evil from Oz Review

Always an impeccably themed attraction The Evil From Oz delivered a compelling storyline with fun characters along the way. A loose adaption of the Wizard of Oz, visitors met all the well-known characters from the classic book. The story was engaging with the Manormortis set really bringing the story to life. Each character delivered a compelling narative that made us jump and laugh in equal doses.

While the experience was more theatrical and humourous than a traditional scare attraction there was still a lot to enjoy in this large production.

Body Snatchers – Spring Heeled Jack

Body Snatchers – Spring Heeled Jack Review

Spring Heeled Jack is on the loose will we escape? This attraction started again with a more theatrical experience but quickly upped the anti moving from theatrics to a crescendo of scares with a fun little finale. 

I think this approach works well, it sets the scene while putting people on edge not knowing what might come around the corner. After the scene was set with some introductory story telling the scares started coming, slowly at first building and building with a fun scare at the end with a well placed prop.

Well, well, well. I think this was the grossest Psychomanteum incarnation I have experienced. The title Goremet Cafe lives up to expectations. You definitely tasted, smelt and heard all kinds of gross. Introducing new characters this attraction really took you on a journey of emotion from laughing to almost crying at the disgusting treats I had to consume.

Psychomanteum – Goremet Cafe

Psychomanteum – Goremet Cafe Review

I think the introduction of new characters was a fun idea and each character brought a sprinkle of humour to the experience.

I feel the slight departure from the more traditional incarnations was a brave move by Scare Kingdom. A single night event was definitely a good place to try this out. While this was a fun, exciting and vomit inducing experience I personally found that even though I managed not to safeword the full-on culinary aspect lost some of the charm of previous incarnations.

Overall Scare Kingdom really was a great way to celebrate the halfway point to Halloween and as usualeveryone was on top form.

Having not experienced a Halloween season at Scare Kingdom I look forward to what Halloween 2019 will bring.

To find out more you can check out the Scare Kingdom website or Scare Kingdom’s directory listing.

Scare Virgin at Scare Kingdom Scream Park Walpurgis Night 2019 Review

I had the pleasure of experiencing Scare Kingdom at Mrs Dowsons Farm with Ash from Scare Directory. This was the first scare attraction I’ve been to and I didn’t ask many questions beforehand as the intrigue added to the excitement so I really didn’t know what to expect. Here are my thoughts. 

Firstly, the venue is perfect. Being out on a farm in the middle of nowhere does well to set a spooky scene. It’s a tad chilly so glad I had a jacket. There were cows everywhere so as an animal lover this was a Brucie bonus. The staff running the event seemed very helpful and friendly and clearly love what they are doing. 

Onto the attractions. First up we have the Wizard of Oz. As I entered the scene I didn’t know what was going to happen. We were met with a brilliant and hilarious access who set the scene for us. As we we progressed through the story we were met with lively, fabulous actors who were soooky and funny, and whose make up was so perfect. The Wizard of Oz wasn’t particularly dark, both lighting wise and theme wise and there was a really good balance between jumps and theatre. They used the space creatively to take you through the story and I was impressed at the imaginative pathway. Overall the actors, make up and set were fab, it was somewhat jumpy, very fun, and light hearted.

Next up we have Springheeled Jack. I listen to a lot of podcasts that have talked about Springheeled Jack so was looking forward to this one and was not disappointed. The actors were excellent and the use of space was again very creative. More jumps in this one and a bit darker, both lighting and intensity wise. Also very funny and I came out giggling. I loved the first and loved this one even more. Great balance of funny/jumpy. 

Then last but by absolutely no means least… Psychomanteum. Whereas the first two I had some limited idea of what was in store, this one was a mystery to me. As soon as I crawled into the first area I was hooded. The excitement and anticipation of not knowing what’s going to happen is brilliant. It’s so interactive and physical, from the smells you smell going through each part to the sounds, even down to the feeling – on your hands, back, body. It really is an assault on the senses and not for the faint hearted.

I hear food isn’t a regular element and whilst this was my least favourite part I appreciate how this adds to the full on experience and it pushes the limits that bit further. I safe worded for the first time in my life. It turns out an assault on your taste buds will do it.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed and absolutely loved my first scare experience. I can’t wait to experience more! 

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Valenterror 2019 Review

So I headed back to Scare Kingdom just outside Blackburn for the first Valentines themed scare event of the year called Valenterror. This event was well designed focusing on concepts that would put couples through their paces.

Manormortis – Baskerville Hall

Manormortis – Baskerville Hall Review
Image Credit: Scare Kingdom

The first attraction was Manormortis – Baskerville Hall, our group were taken into the first room and asked to sit against the wall. It was while sitting here that Sherlock Holmes introduced us to what was about to happen. The acting was excellent as ever, working the crowd up as they entered through the fireplace two at a time. I thought splitting the groups into couples gave everyone a really personal experience which added to the atmosphere. The use of a glow stick was a clever touch giving the people walking through the house minimum light to guide the way while making them stick out like a sore thumb to the actors within.

The actors throughout the maze worked well catching me off guard a number of times. The glow stick if anything made the walk quite disorientating which added to the spooky uneasy atmosphere, bumping into a number of walls and getting lost all added to the fun. The final scene helped bring the story together as you had one last scare. This was a good run through that was a pleasant change from the more traditional dark maze that uses hoods or ropes.

Body Snatchers – Waxworks

Body Snatchers – Waxworks Review

Following Manormortis was Body Snatchers – Waxworks. This followed the story of Madame Tussaud and the creepier side of waxworks. I enjoyed the use of props throughout the attraction and especially liked the ventriloquist figures dotted around the place. I thought this attraction had an exceptionally strong storyline but could have had a few additional scares around the place to keep the heart racing through to the very end. This was a good run through but thought it would have benefitted from a stronger ending.

Psychomanteum – Heartbroken

Psychomanteum – Heartbroken Review

The last on the list was the optional extra Psychomanteum – Heartbroken, this lived up to the high standard set at Christmas. There was a real buzz in the queue for this and I feel this added to the overall experience. For an attraction that is usually experienced alone Valenterror changed it up a bit giving you the option to go in as a couple. This was a wonderful idea that would make for some interesting conversations in the car on the way home. The attraction contains a number of rooms that take you through many sick and twisted avenues. I love how interactive the attraction is and how the actors improvised based on my actions. I left feeling well and truly sickened in the best possible way. Psychomanteum manages to push all the right buttons and really delivers a punch. 

In all I had a brilliant time at Valenterror, the attractions were great and the atmosphere in the bar at the end was electric. The staff were really friendly and pulled the whole thing together really well. I’d highly recommend a visit to Scare Kingdom. The next event Walpurgis Night is taking place on May 4th. Come along, I’m sure you will not be disappointed. 

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Christmas FestEVIL 2018 Review

On a cold Friday night in December I visited Scare Kingdom’s Christmas FestEVIL.

Manormortis Nevermore

Manormortis Nevermore Review

The evening started with a visit to Manormortis Nevermore a story revolving around Edgar Allen-Poe. The story telling was superb with some of the best acting I’ve seen in a scare attraction. I felt the story fitted in well with the Manormortis theming which is simply stunning and wouldn’t feel out of place in a US theme park. Though not an intense attraction the story telling made the whole thing very enjoyable.

Body Snatchers Krampus Catacomb

Body Snatchers Krampus Catacomb Review

Our group continued into the second attraction set in a funeral parlour. Again the theming was impeccable. I really enjoyed the elves who made the whole experience really funny. Again not huge scares but a good humorous story that tied together nicely.

Psychomanteum Glory Grotto

Psychomanteum Glory Grotto Review

Last to visit was Psychomateum. This is an up charge over eighteen attraction and was worth every penny. I don’t want to give much away but let’s say you may get a few surprises. Fun Uncle Bazzer was a great character who managed to make me laugh while at the same time being completely grossed out.

Overall this was a great Christmas event that gave a nice festive spin on scares with well written scripts, fantastic acting and lots of funny moments. The event was only for the weekend but Scare Kingdom will be back for Valentines.

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