So I headed back to Scare Kingdom just outside Blackburn for the first Valentines themed scare event of the year called Valenterror. This event was well designed focusing on concepts that would put couples through their paces.

Manormortis – Baskerville Hall

Image Credit: Scare Kingdom

The first attraction was Manormortis – Baskerville Hall, our group were taken into the first room and asked to sit against the wall. It was while sitting here that Sherlock Holmes introduced us to what was about to happen. The acting was excellent as ever, working the crowd up as they entered through the fireplace two at a time. I thought splitting the groups into couples gave everyone a really personal experience which added to the atmosphere. The use of a glow stick was a clever touch giving the people walking through the house minimum light to guide the way while making them stick out like a sore thumb to the actors within. The actors throughout the maze worked well catching me off guard a number of times. The glow stick if anything made the walk quite disorientating which added to the spooky uneasy atmosphere, bumping into a number of walls and getting lost all added to the fun. The final scene helped bring the story together as you had one last scare. This was a good run through that was a pleasant change from the more traditional dark maze that uses hoods or ropes.

Body Snatchers – Waxworks

Image Credit: Scare Kingdom

Following Manormortis was Body Snatchers – Waxworks. This followed the story of Madame Tussaud and the creepier side of waxworks. I enjoyed the use of props throughout the attraction and especially liked the ventriloquist figures dotted around the place. I thought this attraction had an exceptionally strong storyline but could have had a few additional scares around the place to keep the heart racing through to the very end. This was a good run through but thought it would have benefitted from a stronger ending.

Psychomanteum – Heartbroken

Image Credit: Scare Kingdom

The last on the list was the optional extra Psychomanteum – Heartbroken, this lived up to the high standard set at Christmas. There was a real buzz in the queue for this and I feel this added to the overall experience. For an attraction that is usually experienced alone Valenterror changed it up a bit giving you the option to go in as a couple. This was a wonderful idea that would make for some interesting conversations in the car on the way home. The attraction contains a number of rooms that take you through many sick and twisted avenues. I love how interactive the attraction is and how the actors improvised based on my actions. I left feeling well and truly sickened in the best possible way. Psychomanteum manages to push all the right buttons and really delivers a punch. 

In all I had a brilliant time at Valenterror, the attractions were great and the atmosphere in the bar at the end was electric. The staff were really friendly and pulled the whole thing together really well. I’d highly recommend a visit to Scare Kingdom. The next event Walpurgis Night is taking place on May 4th. Come along, I’m sure you will not be disappointed. 

Author: Ashley