Scare Projects are the team behind last year’s award winning Garden of Ghouls in Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens. 2019 finds them relocated to Camp and Furnace in Liverpool’s hip Baltic Quarter. Scare Projects offer two different events this year. During the day there is a family friendly Candy Cavern Halloween event and in the evening there is a 14+ event The Asylum.

I went along to the Asylum early on Saturday evening as I had another event to attend afterwards. As such I didn’t get to see much of the stage show that they have in the main room before the maze. I was in the first reasonably sized group to go in to this 15-20 minute long experience.

We were led through by our entertaining tour guide before entering The Baltic Asylum for Idiots and Orphans. What followed was a series of theatrical set pieces as we were introduced to the various inmates of the Asylum. This got off to a great start with an impressive sitting room set and we got to meet the first inmate. One effect in this room was superb.

Next up was the main communal ward full of very different inmates and the statuesque nurse, there were a series of fun and creepy scares. We then got to meet the doctor and his latest experiment. The doctor used an industrial tool I’ve never seen used in an attraction before.

As his experiment escaped we then went through a more traditional scare maze section with a few nice jump scares for our group through sections of covered Heras fencing. The set designs and theming in the main scenes were really good, but minimal in the end maze. The actors were great throughout.

Scare Projects: The Asylum is a fun event that I wished could have been longer, though 15 minutes for a single maze is a pretty good length. I’ll be keeping an eye on what they do in the future and it’s well worth a visit if you’re in Liverpool or nearby.

Scare Projects Candy Caverns and The Asylum run through to 2nd November.

Author: Steven