Higher Counthill Farm in Oldham was the location where 23 campers joined Tracey and Lola for a night of spooky stories, campfire games and marshmallow toasting. Sounds quite nice, doesn’t it?

We arrived just before 9 PM and were met by the producers who handed us the waivers. This is a full-contact event so the waiver was needed to highlight the possible things that could happen. We were given the safe word ‘MOUSE’ and given a briefing about how the night would work. Shortly after this, we were greeted by Tracey who walked us to camp where we also met Lola.

The camp was set out well with a number of tents around a roaring campfire. We placed our items into the tent, not really expecting to sleep much I didn’t even unpack the sleeping bag.

Around the campfire, we had an icebreaker where we got to know everyone. Shortly after this, we were put into teams. I ended up on team Tracey. We played a number of fun camp games throughout the night all gaining us points for our respective team. Being quite competitive I really got into this and did my best for team Tracey.

It wasn’t long before we were instructed to get into our tents, it was from this point the night started to get scary. I’ll do my best to remain spoiler-free as not to ruin it for people who haven’t been yet.

Throughout the night we were ‘selected’, meeting The Boss, Shadow, Luna and the Doc. We faced a number of tasks and challenges pushing people to their limits of fear. Very quickly into the first task the safe word was shouted by one of the other campers this meant that the task was over for them but continued for everyone else which was a nice touch giving everyone the ability to take part and not be excluded from the other activities if it was just one that they didn’t like.

Back at the camp it became apparent that one group of campers were not fully into the experience, this was handled professionally by the team who escorted them safely from camp.

The night was relentless with tasks and campfire games going on for most of the night. Around 5AM we had one last team challenge and the points were added up. Initially, we thought team Lola had taken the win but after a recount, it became apparent that team Tracey became victorious.

This was a well put together and carefully run event. I found each task to be challenging and innovative with each one having key elements that would test people in different ways. The event isn’t for those of a nervous disposition but if you want to push yourself, love being scared or just want to have a unique camping experience Scream Camp is for you.

My thanks go out to the team for putting together a superb event that is something different for the UK. Scream Camp has sold out for this year as well as the Halloween show but I’m hoping after the success of this years event it returns next year.

You can find out more at the Scream Camp website.

Author: Ashley