Scream Factory has been running since 2012 behind the Kirkleatham Hall Museum in Redcar. We attended the launch night of this event and we are so glad we did.

Firstly, there have been several changes since previous years and this was noticeable from the very start. You are now directed from the car park down a windy dark path setting the scene perfectly after a few twists and turns you arrive at the fantastic façade including stocks, barrels and the ticket window. It really sets the experience off with good theming and lighting. Once tickets have been checked you then find yourself in the new food and entertainment area. It is here that you have a bar, food trucks and roaming characters for a quick selfie or maybe they will make you scream!

We mingled here for a while before heading into the queue area. We were quickly batched into our group which even though quite large at around 10-12 worked well. The group were provided a torch to see between maze sections. I’m not sure if this is particularly needed and unfortunately we found that the people at the front of the group were using it in sections designed to be pitch black which at times distracted from the experience.

Scream Factory is one long walk through different themed sections lasting around 45 – 60 minutes depending on the groups walking speed. With the sheer length of the attraction it’s hard to take you on a scene by scene journey so a few of the sections may be a bit muddled.

The Experience

The Abattoir

You enter blood splattered rooms filled with half human half pig creatures. The actors managed to get multiple scares in this section from different angles which was brilliant. You then entered a section where two butchers acted out a brilliant skit. I felt that this scene was superb the actors added some fantastic humor with a brilliantly grotesque yet funny script. The actors playing the butchers really got the group laughing and jumping in equal measure.

This was followed by a strobe section with a good disorientating path. I would have liked to have seen an additional actor or two in here to really ramp up the scares as the combination of the two would have enabled this section to hit harder.


This is one of my favourite sections. Claustrophobia tunnels and a large space filled with smoke to the extent you can hardly see your hand in front of your face. This is so simple yet effective. The placement of actors in here also gives you a quite surprising scare.

Meat the Butchers

You emerge from the darkness to be confronted by a large number of butchers ‘out to get you’. They improvise with the group getting in peoples way and running at you. This works really well and is a great way to build the energy after a slow walk in the fog previously.

The Cursed Mine

You descend deep into the mine. This section uses darkness and winding paths well. The group were laughing as they couldn’t find their way out. Again, a really simple section but one that was fun and disorientating.

Demented Dimensions

Rooms with uneven floors and wonky walls. This section manages to really mess with your balance. I would have liked to have seen an actor in the wonky room as I think this would have added additional impact.

Garden of the Lost Souls

You shortly enter a longer outdoor section as if walking around a graveyard, this area is scattered with actors and props with one mysterious actor in the distance whose eyes just glow in the darkness. Keep your wits about you as you may well get scared by a bush. It’s great to see this transition area full of activity and scares which work well.

Ripped from the Silver Screen

There is a movie theatre frontage where you go through a number of scenes from the movies with all the classic characters. There were a few points in here that got me good. The theming was great I especially liked the horror fans bedroom section with Freddy roaming around.

Carnevil of Carnage

You enter the big top, greeted by the ring master, the ring master played the role perfectly with his tall assistant staring menacingly at the group as you are separated down different paths. I think splitting the group up can work really well. We were a compliant group following orders. I would be interested to see how the actors deal with people who will not leave their partners side.

Fools Court

The section started with a scene in front of a judge, this was humorous and enjoyable. It set the scene nicely. After being judged you are then sent to be hooded, again this was done with humor.

Hooded mazes can be a bit hit or miss this one was fun and disorientating, the way I personally feel hooded mazes should be. There was a good use of textures and at one point an actor blocking my way shortly before we have our hoods removed and we end up in the finale section leaving us running for the exit.

Final thoughts

Throughout this attraction you can see the sheer passion that has gone into its creation. The actors are all really good and work well with the group. They manage to provide scares consistently sprinkled with good humor throughout. The home-made props are well designed and the theming is great. There are some elements I haven’t experienced in other attractions and I think the combination of this makes Scream Factory really stand out.

Scream Factory is running on selected nights through to the 2nd November. If you are in the area I’d highly recommend giving it a visit.

Author: Ashley