Screamfest Resurrected 2021

Next up on our road trip of terror, was a visit to Screamfest, branded with Resurrected for its return in 2021. The event is located at the National Forest Adventure Farm near Burton.

As we had several events to get to, we weren’t able to spend as much time on the site as we’d like, which is a shame as there was a lively atmosphere on our visit with plenty of food and drink options as well as midway style attractions and a few fairground rides, all topped off with the brilliant duck pool DJ booth and some roaming actors.


Hillbilly Joe’s Zombee Zoo

We headed straight for Hillbilly Joe’s Zombee Zoo. We love the concept behind this maze as you go through a unique zoo and meet the inhabitants. We got a couple of solid scares in here and it had plenty of humour, with the actors being on point and full of energy. The perfectly timed aubergine being a particular highlight.

Creed Farm

The exit for this brought us to the entrance for Creed Farm, a new for 2021 attraction set in a maize maze. Starting with a good take on a blackout, you soon meet the farmers and as well as a few traditional scares this attraction also has some slightly more theatrical scenes. It was fun, but nothing spectacular.

Le Theatre Noir

We then headed for Le Theatre Noir. First up this is not a scare maze, and whilst we appreciate the attempt to do something different, sadly the execution just didn’t work for us. Conceptually we feel that there’s a lot of potential here, but would need a rethink if it was to return. Spoiler, you we’ll get unnessecarily wet in this experience.

Love Hurts

Love Hurts was next, and sadly we didn’t have a particularly good run through. The start is always entertaining, but no real scares hit in this relatively short maze. The finale in particular was poor as we were bunched up with other groups to create a crowd of about 25 people.

Freakout on Tour

Last up was Freakout on Tour, an interesting take on the traditional clown maze. So far this year clown mazes have pretty consistently been the strongest on offer and Freakout on Tour was no exception. Great theatrical opening, and lots of high energy clowns providing a variety of scares and humour. Nice one, sorted.


Overall we had a fun time at Burton, with the Zombee Zoo and Freakout on Tour being our highlights. Screamfest Resurrected runs on selected dates through to 30th October, but has already as out. 

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