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Screamworks Bloodbath Review

We recently went along to Bethnal Green in East London to experience Bloodbath, an immersive horror experience from Screamworks. We knew precious little about what to expect when we arrived, other than what we could gather from the website and social

Darkfield – Canary Wharf 2019

It was a warm late September evening in Canary Wharf. Two of the Scare Directory team were joined by Amber from Parks, Scares and Glitter to experience Darkfield. We had all experienced some of what Darkfield could offer before but

Night of the Living Dead™ Live! 2019

I was lucky enough to get a chance to see the opening night of Night of the Living Dead™ Live! at the Pleasance London. This comedic adaption of the 1968 George A. Romero classic has been written by Christopher Bond,

Séance by Darkfield at Vault Festival 2019 Review

I’d heard good things about this show from it’s time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival so thought as I had to come to London anyway for a meeting I could make the most of the visit and experience Séance. The