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Cruelty 2019

Cruelty is a piece of Artaudian Theatre of Cruelty from the minds of Faceless Ventures and Mikey Stuart from the ScareTrack podcast.  The concept revolves around the world as it is today with peoples obsessions with social media and how

Yorkshire Scare Grounds – Bloody Valentine: Love is in the Scare 2019

I finished my trip to Yorkshire with the Yorkshire Scare Grounds near Wakefield. I’d arrived for opening and the fun started as you arrived in the car park with actors roaming free. This was a really nice touch with top

York Dungeons

I had some free time so made a trip to York Dungeons. I have visited many other dungeons on numerous occasions but this was the first time to the ones in York. These were an excellent well priced dungeon with

Scream Factory – My Bloody Valentine 2019

Visit to the 2019 My Bloody Valentine event at Scream Factory. A strong scare attraction with surprises around every corner.