Terror Mountain 2022

On an unusually warm October evening we made our way to Terror Mountain, 10 miles from Aberystwyth to finally get to the bottom of the red triangle. If you haven’t seen the hype on social media, a number of individuals received mysterious messages from Killer Creations indicating they had been watching and that they know our every move.  This became clearer when we received a mysterious package in the post that explained that Terror Mountain were behind it all. Now we can finally uncover exactly what Killer Creations have been up to. But first let’s see what other experiences Terror Mountain had on offer. 

The Coven

This experiences really makes great use of the darkness, located in the wooded area at the back of the site. Simply navigating your way through a forest with little to no light can be scary enough but overlay that with creepy witches lurking in the darkness and you have a fun experience. The actors were really good at using the dark spaces well. We often get a feeling where scares are going to come from but due to the actors really hiding away we were always surprised. In the areas without darkness we had the delight of a scripted section with lovely choreographed scares. While a lot of the maze was in darkness towards the beginning there were themed elements which really fitted well in the setting utilising a lot of wood and dim lighting effects. A really fun start to the evening. 

Night Stalker

This is more of a show than a maze but don’t let that put you off. It uses a gripping scripted section with actors scaring around the audience and building up a story of suspicion. The scares really come from the fantastic synchronised movements with the lighting and audio effects. With each blackout you have no idea what scare or shocking visual you are about to see. It’s quite unique in terms of what it delivers and it delivers it very well. 


Essentially this experience takes you through a seance. The scripted sections set the scene well creating a nice build up to the main event. You start to feel uncomfortable as you start to experience some happenings, building and building until boom the finale where you are left running for the door. A delightful experience using a combination of lighting, practical and magical effects, this is how you create a strong seance experience. 

Haunted Live

It has to be said that the host is what makes this maze. The dialogue, whether scripted or simply banter with the audience is superb, making us laugh with hints at popular culture and other ghost type shows. The maze itself is simple but with the help of the host it really means you can get a number of scares while walking through a strobe fillled maze. At times changing the order of the group enabling scares from multiple angles. A fun little maze that is really made great with the hosts energy and enthusiasm.


The maze that’s been teased for a good six months finally opens its gates. Essentially you are part of a TV show where people watch your every move. Wealthy individuals are able to take part in terrorising the guests. Will you make it out alive, let’s see. You start with a great intro scene. The storyline is explained not just as a standard spiel but with added energy and scare. We start to learn more about why we are here and what’s about to happen before we are plunged into the experience. Every turn you meet a killer. They have a range of personalities and torment the group spectacularly. You never quite know what’s going to come next as you may find yourself singled out and roaming the narrow corridors alone. Conceptually this maze is brilliant and what the team have created in the exceptionally limited building is incredible. The scares come from every angle, one in particular really got me good. The experience is disorientating and makes it feel a lot longer than it really is due to the clever use of loops. Loved the concept, loved the maze and can’t wait to see how it evolves in future years. 

What a great event. I feel like the experiences that have returned have become slicker, clearly tweaking and iterating on what works and what doesn’t. The newest addition is chaotic and fantastic. The team should be proud of what they have created.

There are only a few nights left so get your tickets from the Terror Mountain website you won’t be disappointed. The event is easily accessible from a lot of Wales and the Midlands too.

Terror Mountain 2021

We have been wanting to visit Terror Mountain for a number of years. As it’s quite far for us the only way we could make it work was as part of a road trip so this year we packed our bags and scheduled a visit. We are pleased we did. Terror Mountain isn’t your classic scare attraction. It has a number of theatrical offerings as well as the opportunity to explore the Silver Mountain Experience site with added frights along the way.

As soon as we entered the site we experienced a few roaming actors each with a unique personality that was kept up all night. Ranging from funny through to outright jump scares. The roaming team managed to keep us entertained as we walked from attraction to attraction.

Haunted: Live

First up Haunted: Live a fun take on TV paranormal shows (think Most Haunted) mixed with modern YouTube content. The actor who introduced us to the experience was on top form channeling a mix of Derek Acorah and young YouTube creators. They were engaging and really set the scene before entering the scare maze portion of the attraction. The scares came thick and fast as we hunted for the exit. This was a really fun attraction that was topped off by the great acting from the team. It is a unique creative concept that works quite well and could be built upon in future years. #multilatethesubscribebutton

The Coven

This attraction takes you through the wooded area of the site. The attraction is definitely more eerie than intense. The scares are fairly light but the atmosphere created by the actors along with the darkness puts everyone on edge making this a fun creepy walk.

The Summoning

This isn’t a scare maze and is more of an interactive immersive theatrical experience. Again the strong acting coupled with some clever effects makes this an unsettling and haunting experience. The theming in this space was top notch and really helped immerse you into the experience. A really fun addition that is a nice departure from non stop scare mazes.


The use of the old mine tunnels adds to this experience greatly. We are given hard hats which are definitely needed due to a few low ceilings down the mine. Again acting within this attraction was of a high level. The first character we met ran up and down the tunnels managing to land scares to the whole group. As we progressed a few other lighting and smoke effects led us to the ending where we got completely lost with an actor managing to keep us engaged until we found the exit.

Night Stalker

This again isn’t your traditional scare maze but more a one man show. Like most of the acting talent on our visit this particular attraction had one of the strongest actors of the evening. Managing to land scares from the front to the back he managed to engage the audience throughout while talking us through the story of the Night Stalker. The lighting effects along with good timing enabled the actor to land scare after scare in this fun immersive experience.


Overall this is a great event. The way that the groups are managed was excellent. We didn’t once bump into another group while in an experience and the actors knew exactly how to work the groups to get the best reaction. The acting talent is some of the strongest we have seen all season and definitely helps make Terror Mountain an enjoyable night out.

The event runs through to the end of October. Tickets are selling fast so if you want to visit Terror Mountain get your tickets soon.

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