It had been many years since last visiting The London Bridge Experience and Tombs. I remember enjoying it the first time. What did I think after my recent visit? Find out below:

The London Bridge Experience

This is an experience similar to that of The Dungeons with actor-led scenes that show you a number of historical moments with a splash of humour. I feel it is worth highlighting the quality of the acting throughout was great, the standout scene for me was the initial one in the bar about Jack the Ripper.

The other scenes were enjoyable with good interaction and some fun effects throughout. The set pieces were really well put together and the transitions between scenes were detailed and immersive.

This section of the experience was great with strong well written dialogue.

The Tombs

Halfway through the attraction, you start to descend into The Tombs. You are given the usual safety speech before being led to a wooden waiting area where you watch a safety video. This was a great way to set the scene sitting there with lots of noises and banging happening around you. It really built the suspense in the group.

It was after this we were instructed to put hands on shoulders. Now I am personally not a fan of this technique and while I appreciate it’s probably necessary with a number of nationalities visiting who may not have English as a first language I think it detracts from the experience overall.

We then went into a lift, this rattled and shook as you descended further into The Tombs. This is a strong effect and really shakes you up. At this point, you go back to hands-on shoulders for the rest of the attraction.

It’s worth highlighting that I didn’t have the best run through. Being the last person in a fairly large group I didn’t receive a single impact scare as all scares seemed to be focused to the front of the group, unfortunately, leaving those at the back to just follow without having any hint at what scared the group in front.

The theming in the Tombs is great and I feel that with a few more actors attacking the group from all angles would really boost this attraction.

Overall I have mixed feelings. This is clearly a great venue full of potential. The first section was strong with well acted scenes and the theming throughout is faultless. The Tombs however left me feeling a little disappointed. I hope this was just a bad run and maybe on a future visit I will be shown what The London Bridge and Tombs can really deliver.

Author: Ashley