Faceless Ventures hosted the preview of UK Haunters from filmmaker Dan Brownlie. This is the first documentary diving into the UK scare industry.

This documentary takes the viewer on a journey through the making of a scare attraction and how the UK deliver scares. Scares that manage to keep up with our friends stateside. If you have an interest in horror or scare attractions then this documentary is a must-watch. The documentary will also highlight to America the dedication and effort the UK put into attractions all year round.

Coming at this documentary as a scare attraction enthusiast I expected to see a highlevel overview of the industry. While I wouldn’t say I personally learnt anything new from the film I feel the approach was spot on, taking the viewer on an introductory whistle-stop tour of the UK scare industry.

The storytelling aspect of the film was captivating and I felt the way it was delivered, taking the viewer through a year of an attraction worked well. I liked the way the story of Broadwitch Hauntfest was interspersed with a variety of interviews and footage covering everything from the pop up attraction Death Cell from R Space Productions, Immersive Zombie experiences from ZED Events and the more extreme side of the industry Faceless Ventures plus Horror photography and makeup from Horrify Me and Scare Face, how Nick Hutson pieces together music to create just the right atmosphere and how ScareTrack brought the world the first UK podcast on the scare industry.

It is worth noting at this point that the inclusion of extreme attractions in this documentary was the right move. These attractions are sometimes looked down upon by the community/industry and while I appreciate they are not for everyone I feel that this section was done in such a way that it enabled the viewer to see that they have a place in this industry and shouldn’t be disregarded.

The film was pieced together with interviews from scare actor Andy “Cookie” Rawlings the writer of Through the Dead Eye, this really helped take the viewer on the journey and solidified the narrative.

The way in which the film deconstructed a single scene at Broadwitch Hauntfest was well executed explaining how it was constructed and how the actors worked the space. This is an area I would have liked the documentary to take further, deconstructing additional sets and explaining how they work.

Picture of Director Dan Brownlie and Producer Jessica Ann Brownlie
Director Dan Brownlie and Producer Jessica Ann Brownlie

Overall I think the film is an enjoyable watch and one that would appeal to a wide audience. I would have liked a more analytical approach to some of the aspects but I think that’s me coming to the film as an enthusiast and while I would have found this interesting I think this would have been too far for the first UK documentary on the industry.

In 90 minutes this documentary peeled back the skin on the UK scare attraction industry in a way that will show the world just how well the UK can deliver solid scares all year round!

In addition to the documentary itself we were treated to a Q and A with director Dan Brownlie and producer Jessica Ann Brownlie hosted by ScareTrack. This provided additional insight and reasoning behind the documentary which I found fascinating. You can see the Q and A in full over on YouTube.

The documentary will be appearing at a number of film festivals over the next few months. Check out UK Haunters on Facebook for the latest news on where you can see the documentary.

Author: Ashley