This was my second visit to a Zombie Nightmare event from Wicked Experiences. This time in my home town of Swindon. It’s great to see something like this on the doorstep as scare events and attractions tend to be a little further afield.

Zombie Nightmare takes place within various shopping centres around the UK. Steven visited Zombie Nightmare at the Mercury Mall in Romford earlier in the run and I couldn’t wait to check out how they would use my local shopping centre for Zombie Nightmare.

I would describe Zombie Nightmare as an hour long immersive escape room with high intensity moments throughout. There are a number of escape room type challenges and zombie encounters while traversing the shopping centre to find the cure.

We were lucky in that we had a good group with us, all willing to take part and help in the escape room challenges. I’d say that the level of difficulty in the escape room parts was just right and would appeal to seasoned escape room visitors and newbies alike. The clues were challenging but our guide would give subtle hints as we went along. One improvement would be with the volume of the laptop in the first challenge as we all struggled to hear the clues.

In this experience you really felt that you were at threat from the zombie apocalypse and the team of actors really helped immerse you in the environment. The event used the space well, making use of what was available in the shopping centre from service corridors, empty shop units and the mall area itself. It impresses me that you never bump into another group, this goes to show the sheer effort the team have put into planning the event.

Final thoughts

Zombie Nightmare is an adrenaline fulled frenzy of fun. That we would definitely recommend. This years run ends with one last location Royal Leamington Spa on the 22nd and 23rd. Tickets can be found on the Wicked Experiences website.

Author: Ashley