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  • Luke Trudgett

    What to say?
    Thorpe have always been a bit hit an miss when it comes to their Halloween offerings over the years, so this year I thought it would be back better than ever due to being after covid plus a birthday milestone! But what did we think?

    Overall park vibe was good. But would love to of seen park wide themeing like in previous years such as body bags hanging from underneath stealth launch etc.
    Scare zones
    The Crows little area was great an the knew how to just creep people out. Loved watching from afar in how they interacted with their victims and looked stunning at night. Swarm was ok a bit bare an suffered from tech issues but was a nice light touch.

    Sadly due to how Thorpe had set up their ticketing system we only experienced this maze in the daylight, but was nice to see things that could sometimes be missed. The actors were great fun an energetic an the reverse of the route is so much better to previous years.

    Creek Freak
    Great fun as always (we’ve always loved the more manic style of maze) the actors were fun and loved interaction!

    Well……concept was great, execution, a bit hit an miss. Loved the throw backs to previous mazes, those little easter eggs did allow for us to be caught off guard so some nice scares at times. Sadly some areas were dead which I feel let the experience down but we could of just been unlucky with actor change overs etc.

    Birthday Bash
    Great fun, a bit campy/corny but a good laugh. Also the walk abouts do love to interact!

    Standing but wasn’t running.

    All in all a nice offering from Thorpe this year, but I feel they could of done better in certain areas to bring the whole event up to the same level as some individual elements.

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