Month: July 2021

Lockdown Immersive Theatre Reviews

COVID and the various lockdowns have seen a massive amount of innovation in what would traditionally have been site-specific immersive events, escape games and other forms of interactive entertainment and has included some performances specifically created for online / remote

Scream Camp Reviews

Scream Camp 2021 Scream Camp will always be a special event for Scare Directory being the event that Ashley and Steven met for the first time. The whole team were able to attend this event and as it was Josie’s

Horror Escape Review

Escape from Wonderland Prior to the shenanigans of the past year Horror Escape were kind enough to invite us down to check out one of their escape scenarios. We finally managed to visit last weekend and experienced Escape from Wonderland

Review: Darkfield Radio

Season 2 Knot Darkfield Radio – Season 2 was recently released and varies quite a bit from the three episodes of Season 1. Where the first set of three shows were released over time and all had very different stories,