Month: April 2019

Night of the Living Dead™ Live! 2019

I was lucky enough to get a chance to see the opening night of Night of the Living Dead™ Live! at the Pleasance London. This comedic adaption of the 1968 George A. Romero classic has been written by Christopher Bond,


Following Cruelty I had the opportunity to partake in a private game of HVRTING. For those who may not know HVRTING: The Extreme Haunt Card Game immerses guests into a world where friendships go out the window and you are

Cruelty 2019

Cruelty is a piece of Artaudian Theatre of Cruelty from the minds of Faceless Ventures and Mikey Stuart from the ScareTrack podcast.  The concept revolves around the world as it is today with peoples obsessions with social media and how