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Scream Camp Reviews

Scream Camp 2021 Scream Camp will always be a special event for Scare Directory being the event that Ashley and Steven met for the first time. The whole team were able to attend this event and as it was Josie’s

Horror Escape Review

Escape from Wonderland Prior to the shenanigans of the past year Horror Escape were kind enough to invite us down to check out one of their escape scenarios. We finally managed to visit last weekend and experienced Escape from Wonderland

FestEvil Horror Drive-Thru Scare Maze Review

Drive through events have been something good to come out of Coronavirus and we were lucky enough to visit all three drive through events in the UK. We found each to be very enjoyable while all offered something different. FestEvil

Alton Towers Scarefest Reviews

Alton Towers Scarefest 2020 After visiting Thorpe Park last week we wanted to see how another large Merlin Park would adapt to the latest coronavirus restrictions. Alton Towers have all the usual safety precautions we have come to expect but

Halloween Scarefest at Waddingworth Maize Maze – 2020

It never ceases to amaze me what random things you can find on Facebook. I happened across a post in a local group about a one night only adults only scare event a very short drive away from me in

Xtreme Scream Park Reviews

Xtreme Scream Park 2020 We were keen to see what this year’s run of Xtreme Scream Park would be like as it appeared to be one of a very few that was still running this Halloween in a mostly unchanged

The Retreat Review

During the height of lockdown, we found out about a brand-new event from the team behind the award-winning Scream Camp, called The Retreat. We knew very little about the event other than what was posted on social media, but having

Yorkshire Scare Grounds – Face Your Fears 2019

We visited Yorkshire Scare Grounds on a quiet Sunday evening. On arrival there were numerous characters interacting with patrons from the get go. The actors were talking to pretty much everyone who walked past having improvised chats, stopping for the

Horror Nights – Traumatica 2019 – Europa Park, Germany

For those that aren’t already aware Horror Nights – Traumatica at Europa Park in Rust, Germany is one of the premier global Halloween theme park events and is on many scare attraction enthusiasts must do lists. From my first ever

Haunters (2014) Review

Now quite an old documentary but one I’ve only recently got round to viewing. If you aren’t aware this is a documentary following the creation of a haunt in Michigan called Phobia House created by the Gerard family.  From the