Quietus Horror Reviews

Quietus Horror – Sommeil – March 2022 Way back in Halloween 2020, Quietus Horror, started teasing something new on social media. Obviously due to COVID this new show, Sommeil, didn’t manage to materialise for quite some time. A very limited

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Reviews

Scare Kingdom Scream Park Walpurgis Night 2022 After our experience (see below) at Scare Kingdom’s Valentine’s event Valenterror we were invited back to to see what they had in store for their half way to Halloween event Walpurgis night. This

Walsall Scare Maze Reviews

Walsall Scare Maze – Christmasacre The Hellebration It was a cold Christmasy evening when we attended Walsall Scare Maze for their event, Christmassacre the Hellebration!. As can be seen from our previous reviews of Walsall Scare Maze we have always

Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors Review

It was the Night before Halloween and our final event of the day was the longest running scare event in the UK, Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors. This event has been running since 1983 so we arrived with fairly high expectations. 

Cursed Reviews

Cursed 2021 As we were down in Essex, next up on our list was Cursed, at Wat Tyler Country Park, in Basildon. We arrived early and were well marshalled into our car parking spot. Something that has mostly been terrible

Splatterbox The Seance Review

The Seance from Splatterbox is an immersive paranormal themed experience set inside a haunted toy shop. The set itself has been designed to pop up in different locations, we visited at the Caddies Comedy Club in Southend-on-Sea.  The experience lasts

Farm of Terror Review

Despite running for many years now, Farm of Terror, in Bacup, Lancashire was a first time visit for us. As parking and access to the venue is limited, there was a regular shuttle bus that ferries guests from a nearby

Electric Goldfish Reviews

Mansion Electric Goldfish have been behind a number of online only shows which we have previously enjoyed. Mansion is the first step out of the online space for this creative collective who have previous backgrounds with other companies in the

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Presents Fairground Frights Review

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Fairground Frights 2021 As we were over in the East of England as part of our roadtrip of terror, next up was a visit to Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach’s Halloween event, Fairground Frights. This runs in

Pleasurewood Chills Review

Pleasurewood Chills 2021 Pleasurewood Hills is a small family theme park in Lowerstoft just down the way from Great Yarmouth. For a small family amusement park you wouldn’t expect it to have two scare mazes hidden inside, yet it does.