Up in Newark for the first scare experience of the year. This time something a little different. I had missed Is There Anybody There? from Faceless Ventures when it was first on so was pleased to see it was back for one night only. 

The show took place at Letsxcape Together Boardgame and Event Cafe. A great place with a large variety of games to play while having a coffee.

Now onto the show, we don’t talk about what happened 5 years ago at Berrington Old Hall but let’s just say Victor Hughes has put the past behind him and is back doing what he does best. 

I’ll attempt to keep this spoiler free but be warned there may be small plot details to follow.

There were around 15 of us together for this experience. In our slot we had a group of 7 who had unknowingly booked the show expecting an escape room. The look on their faces when they discovered that wasn’t quite the evening they were about to experience was priceless.

We are briefly informed of the backstory setting the scene well. We then went through to the old cells where we met for the first time Victor Hughes. He was absolutely brilliant. The character managed to successfully mix humour, dark themes and story telling to create an engaging hour.

What was to follow were a number of experiments that would have the group shocked and scared. Each experiment utilised a number of effects that gave the whole thing an eerie feel. The final experiment taking place in darkness. I would have personally liked this scene to be pitch black but appreciate this can be challenging with the space, light creeping in from every little gap. 

The show was well paced building to a great crescendo. The audience leaving shocked and flabbergasted at what they had just seen. 

Victor spoke to the group for one last time summarising what we had just witnessed.

This show was quite different to anything I had experienced before. It’s a great mix of story telling, magical effects, spooky goings on and humour. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in spooky goings on or who wants an evening that is just a little different.

While no future show is scheduled for Is There Anybody There? Faceless Ventures will be back with The Intern in May and if you want something far more extreme there is always Cracked over the Easter weekend.

Just remember spirits hate frivolity.

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