We had previously had a great time with Emergency Exit’s other virtual escape room The Exorcist. The Beast is the follow up to that, continuing the story where The Exorcist left off. This virtual escape room takes you through parts 2 and 3 of The Crowley Manor story. The online experience is a combination of both Emergency Exit’s physical rooms Conjure and Poltergeist. Warning, The Beast does contain spoilers for the physical games but as it’s online the gameplay has been adjusted.

Theming and Effects 

The rooms are nicely themed, fitting in with the eerie storyline well. The first room contains a number of old dolls and clowns which are always rather creepy. As you progress through the game and see the second room you are presented with a room full of demonic artefacts conjuring up the feeling that someone had performed a number of rituals prior to our arrival.

Image courtesy of Emergency Exit

The Puzzles 

These were set at a nice level each involving some interesting challenges that involved thinking outside the box. We completed them fairly quickly though this is due to having completed many escape rooms in lockdown and having got into the swing of things. For most visitors, we would say they were pitched at a nice level and, along with the narrative they worked perfectly.


The host was a great addition to the storyline and theme. He plays the role of paranormal investigator channelling some very Derek Acorah vibes. The use of a cameraman gave the opportunity for humorous dialogue between the two. Clever video effects were used which made up for not physically being in the room. These effects worked seamlessly and really added to the overall narrative.


This is a perfect follow up to The Exorcist and is clearly the best escape room we have visited virtually in the UK. The puzzles, special effects, narrative, host and cameraman bring together a compelling, engaging and enjoyable experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. You can see the passion and effort that has been put into changing the physical rooms for an online audience and this clearly pays off. 

We can not recommend enough giving this room a go especially if you have already experienced The Exorcist. Tickets are available on the Emergency Exit website for the foreseeable future. 

Author: Ashley