Are you ready for a Halloween adventure like no other in North West England, right near Chorley? The Scare City Experience, nestled within the eerie remains of the former Camelot theme park, promises an exhilarating experience. Let’s dive into this review to uncover the thrills that await you.

The Spine-Chilling Atmosphere

Scare City Experience is perfectly situated amidst the abandoned Camelot theme park, setting the stage for a truly hair-raising adventure. Combine the ghostly ambiance of decaying buildings with cleverly deployed props, dramatic lighting, and eerie sound effects, and you’ve got the recipe for an unforgettable Halloween event.

The Experience Unveiled

This Halloween event distinguishes itself from typical scream parks. Here, rather than choosing your maze, all visitors follow a common route through various zones. These zones seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor areas, offering an exhilarating mix of scares, humour, and spooky surprises.

Character Interactions Set the Scene

Before you delve into each section, you’ll encounter characters who provide context for what’s to come. These interactions effectively immerse you in the experience. Keep reading to discover one standout character who left a lasting impression on our group with wonderful improvisations.


The event starts going into Slaughterhouse where the classic butcher-themed area awaits, you enter to investigate the rumours of grisly events within. A classic butcher themed area with the expected body parts all over the place. Blood and gore a plenty.


I’m a sucker for a carnival or clown themed area and this one didn’t disappoint. At one point we saw the clowns relentlessly scare someone to the extent they may have had a little accident. In my opinion that’s a job well done to the actors. Some great jump scares here too with what continued to be nagging interaction with some side shows offering comic relief after the relentless scares prior.


Before entering Hellevate, a quirky hippy character sets the tone, setting the stage with humour and intrigue. Once inside, you meet the residents, providing an experience that’s more eerie than outright terrifying. It seamlessly ties into the storyline introduced by the hippy character at the start.


Next up we entered Fortress making great use of what I believe to be the original entrance to the theme park. As you enter HMP Camelot you are given strict instructions regarding the inmates. A simple yet effective maze offering lots of spaces to scare. I would have loved to have seen levels being used here as the opportunity to scare from above could have really added to the intensity. I really enjoyed the fight scene as it gave numerous scar opportunities that were executed well.

Swizzel’s Resurrection Zone

The central hub offers a lot, fire eaters, acrobatics and a lively soundtrack. This coupled with numerous food and drink options offers a great spot to have a rest and soak up the atmosphere. Also don’t worry if the weather takes a turn for the worst as there is plenty of covered seating available to keep out of the rain. You may even get to dance with a Zombie.


Into the hospital we go. Camelot Infirmary to be precise. Having closed its doors under questionable circumstances. Now it’s re opened but something isn’t right. Walking around the terrifying medical staff eerily stalk and terrorise you. The masks used here are great providing an unnerving feel throughout.

Junk Yard

With a moment to catch your breath we follow on to the Junk Yard. A wonderful use of sliders which are not used enough in the UK. The junkyard offers a lot of places for actors to hide because at any moment they could appear as if from nowhere to torment and scare. Junkyard themes really offer that realistic creepy environment and this is no exception.


What lurks in the shadows of Whirlwind Woods. A smoky walkthrough filled with witches who have become less and less human. The use of smoke gave some genuinely good jump scares here. The actors were really on point. Considering it was late into the night when we got through the stilt walker still had bundles of energy and went to town chasing unsuspecting victims.


Are you afraid of the dark? Well you will surely find out as you are plunged into a disorientating nightmare. What lurks in the darkness as you try and find your way through the thick fog and low light? Creatures pop out of the fog offering surprise moments throughout. These scares work well as you are so busy focussing on not falling or bumping into something.


Last but definitely not least was the finale. In the final act, you confront the relentless zombies in a thrilling showdown. You have to make your way through without getting caught. This used a really cool dynamic that gave a fun twist to the classic zombie experiences. With terrifying moments as the zombies get very close to you.

In Conclusion: A great night out

In conclusion, Scare City Experience offers an array of spine-tingling Halloween thrills, from heart-pounding scares to moments of pure exhilaration. If you find yourself in the area, we highly recommend a visit. At just £25 per ticket, it’s a fantastic Halloween adventure that won’t break the bank.

Don’t Miss Out!

Scare City Experience runs on various nights throughout October. Don’t let this spine-tingling adventure pass you by – head to their website and secure your tickets now!

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