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Electric Goldfish Reviews

Mansion Electric Goldfish have been behind a number of online only shows which we have previously enjoyed. Mansion is the first step out of the online space for this creative collective who have previous backgrounds with other companies in the

Review: Darkfield Radio

Season 2 Knot Darkfield Radio – Season 2 was recently released and varies quite a bit from the three episodes of Season 1. Where the first set of three shows were released over time and all had very different stories,

Krampusnacht – VR Immersive Horror Theatre Review

Despite the ongoing lockdown rules causing the closure of physical events and venues, 2020 saw the proliferation of new forms of entertainment mostly through Zoom and other similar video conferencing apps, many of which we got to enjoy and experience

3Y3 – BL4KM4SS

One of the few good things to come out of the global COVID situation has been the creation of more online experiences. We’ve been fortunate to do quite a few different innovative events and escape rooms, that normally we’d never

Review: Horror Hotel Online – Exit Now – 2020

One of the good things that has come out of the current pandemic and lockdown has been the proliferation of online escape game experiences. We’ve done a fair few already, but are always keen to experience something new and different,

Review: The Pandora Network – Burying The Hatchet

In this time of lockdown and social distancing the Scare Directory team are looking for activities to keep us entertained. The Pandora Network, a collaboration between Faceless Ventures, Incognito Experiences and Nick Hutson Music was just that. A week-long murder