I followed my visit to Scare Kingdom with a quick drive down the road to visit Ghoulies Haunted House in Liverpool. I had heard good things and thought I’d experience the festive themed Santa’s Grot Hole for myself. I actually ended up going through the maze alone. This is defiantly an intense attraction with a good mix of humour and scares. The actors are not afraid to get hands on which I liked as it added to the experience.

The story revolved around a visit to Santa where he finds out I’ve not been a ‘good boy’ he was not particularly pleased. It is from then that you are tormented by the monsters and Krampus, walking through the maze taking different routes and getting well and truly tormented by the actors.

Everyone really got into there roles and it felt very imersive. I definitely recommend a visit to this event and will be returning for another journey through Ghooulies Haunted House for sure.

Author: Ashley