We had a fantastic time at Horror at Hinchingbrooke House back in 2019, so expectations were quite high for its return in 2021. Unusually we arrived at the impressive venue just outside Huntingdon a bit early. As soon as the previous timed entry slot queue had died down we were allowed to join and, after a short wait enter the attraction bang on the start of our slot.

Horror at Hinchingbrooke House is one long walk through attraction with a series of distinctly themed scenes as you wind your way through the old house, the school and a number of marquees in the grounds.

The opening section in the old house is impressive with fencing / barriers being used to create the maze with some nice bits of set design and theming dotted around. The actors in this part were probably the most impactful of the run, not afraid to get up close and personal and a little bit touchy at times.

Next up, after a particularly impactful outdoor chainsaw scene, we entered the school buildings, which had been decked out as a wonderfully fun, horror version of Rydell High. As the Grease soundtrack blasted through our walk, the actors did a good job again getting a few impactful scares.

The rest of the event follows a similar pattern with a number of different themes, and ended up with a visit to Arkham Asylum. One brilliant interaction with a couple of Jokers henchmen before we went in.

Sadly it was a day of terrible batching. Despite a healthy wait of a few minutes and walking at a snails pace, and being held up by actors at numerous points we quickly caught up with the group in front, and were caught up from groups behind us. In the initial briefing you are instructed to wait and / or overtake, which we did, but sadly to no avail. It also doesn’t help when some groups keep to the utterly pointless hands on shoulders rule.

The constant stop / start nature of our run, and actors unable to properly reset meant we missed a great deal of what were likely to be brilliant scares and interactions with the predominantly high energy and passionate acting troupe. They were excellent when they could focus their attention and did their best when unable to.

That said, we still had a really enjoyable time at Horror at Hinchingbrooke House, and will return again. If the issues with batching could be sorted, this would easily be up there with the best. 

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