Psycho Path Fear Ground 2021

Having had a couple of brilliant, but separate runs of Psycho Path’s 2019 event we were really keen to see what the Psycho Path team had come up with, especially with the year off in 2020.

Our visit to Psycho Path, in Burnopfield near Newcastle in the North East of England, whilst a trek for us, was a much anticipated event. Thankfully Psycho Path delivered in spades, exceeding our high expectations.

For 2021 Psycho Path has enhanced its previous offering of iScream and Psycho City with Isolation, a solo maze and Cornered, a corn maze. As with 2019 Psycho Path, has a great central hub with plenty of bars, food options, a few fairground rides and has now been extended into a neighbouring barn and outside tipi areas. The whole event has an amazing festival vibe that is difficult to equal.


This is a purely solo maze and offers a different experience dependent on which of the four options you go for. Sadly we only got to experience two of them, but enjoyed them thoroughly. One was a more intense and fun scare maze with plenty of actor interaction, the other was more of a slow burn, tension building slow strobe experience. Both short mazes worked really well, but we would have loved to have the option to experience all four.


Next up for us was the new for 2021 corn maze. To be honest we find corn mazes a bit hit and miss. Thankfully Cornered was a hit with a good mix of scares, indoor and outdoor sections, with great theming and a great variation of scares. All in all a corn maze executed really well. The only minor criticism would be for a bit more smoke as that was used effectively and a few more actors in a few dead spots. Still a great solid maze, make sure you do it after dark.


Wow! This maze was a highlight in 2019 and has only improved on the excellent previous version. Batching, which was superb throughout the busy evening in all mazes, was brilliant on our run through. The actors, for us, weren’t adverse to touching and for this reviewer it ended up being probably the most ‘hands on’ maze we’ve been through. The actors were amazing, coming from all angles, repeatedly! The effects in place were superb. A top quality run through of any maze we have ever done. The only criticism is that we sadly didn’t have the option to go through again.

Psycho City

The most changed aspect of the evening was Psycho City. What was previously part of the Psycho Path section is now its own maze, accessed from the main hub without any vehicular transportation. It’s shorter than previously, but is punchier and more impactful. There are a variety of scenes and the actors throughout were superb, like I-Scream they weren’t afraid to get hands on which just made the scares land even harder.  


It’s early in the 2021 season, but Psycho Path has been a superb highlight for us. The mazes were great and the whole vibe and atmosphere of the event were amazing, from the food and drink options to the outstanding roaming actors who were more than happy to get up close and personal, even in the queue lines. To the variety of entertaining acts in the central hub.

If Psycho Path is fairly near to you, it’s a no-brainer to visit. If it’s a bit of a trek based on our experience it’s well worth a trip.

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