This is a drive-through event with scenes that happen at set points along a set route. The event takes place at the Heart of England Conference Centre a venue I’d not been to before but one that works well for this type of event.

We arrived early so we were asked to park up and either wait in our car or head into a massive marquee to have a drink or two while we waited. There are food options available as well as a juggler and a number of musical acts on the stage. This is quite well placed so that a number of rows of cars can see and hear it from the safety of their vehicles.

The queuing system worked well and kept things moving throughout the night. We had been instructed to load a YouTube video with audio that could play during the attraction. This audio was brilliant and really added to the journey it was the perfect soundscape around the dark and spooky woodland.

Once safety precautions were reiterated we were on our way maintaining 5mph around the circuit. The experience itself lasts about 25 to 30 minutes and this is very much down to the speed of cars between scenes. We tried to keep back where possible so that we arrived at a scene just as the car in front was leaving. This meant the scene wasn’t spoiled by seeing what had previously happened.

The scenes had good theming throughout including large scale props including many vehicles and there were many standout moments. I don’t want to go into detail as wouldn’t want to spoil the experience but we particularly liked the scene in the tunnel, the sawmill and the fun ending.

The scenes grew in intensity which was only added to by the music and the interaction with the actors. There were many good jump scares often happening while distracted by another actor or a brilliant piece of scenery. The use of special effects also worked well and at one point visibility was almost down to zero with a well-positioned smoke machine.

This is a great fun event and really good value when you can fill up your car with friends and family. 

The event runs until the 15th of November. Visit Heart of England Horror for further information. 

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