York Maze Hallowscream 2021

Our previous visit to York Maze Hallowscream east of York in the North East of England was a really enjoyable one and this year is no exception. The attraction has expanded from previous years and the new changes work really well. Shifting the food court to a separate area with a few rides and a new light show (more on that later) this change has opened up the area where the mazes and stage shows are located, potentially creating space for an additional maze or extensions to the current lineup.

One thing to note which we had missed on the website is the requirement to wear a mask in the mazes so don’t forget it on your visit. This is only a requirement of the mazes and not the maze/entertainment hub or food court.


Corney’s Cornevil

Our first visit of the night was Corney’s Carnevil, a traditional clown maze with really strong character interaction. The sets are great with a number of disorientating rooms which the clown characters throughout use to accomplish some fun scares. The maze features a few fun house elements too which just add to the disorientating nature of the maze.

Barnageddon 3D

This maze utilises 3D glasses for an added effect. As glasses wearers we found that in addition to the mask it made visibility a little limited which on one hand diminished the 3D effect but on the other hindered what we could see so some scares did appear as if from nowhere. The 3D effect is clever and the actors use the spaces really well. This maze had air cannons at various places and these created a few fun jump scares.

The Fleshpot

This was a fairly intense maze with actors coming at you from multiple angles. The theming is great throughout with body parts all over the palace. The maze had some pretty dark sections enabling the actors to hide and create well timed scares.

The Singularity

From the start to the finish this maze was full of interesting scares and fun disorientating moments that kept you on your toes throughout. Sadly one of the big scares missed us slightly due to catching up with the group in front but we held back and didn;t hit the problem again.  A strong maze with engaging actors, one in particular in the oil barrel section managed to create really strong proximity scares that felt so close they shocked over and over again. 


This is a long maze using indoor and outdoor elements. The theme is fantastic starting with a tardis like introduction that leads you into the story perfectly. Unfortunately we found once through this scene the scares were few and far between with a large proportion of the outdoor section void of interaction. Things picked up a little towards the end but unfortunately this was the weakest maze of the evening.

Light Show

A new feature for 2021 and something this reviewer has become quite the fan of. Unfortunately the show that we watched was plagued with technical difficulties which detracted from the impact of the show. Though what did work showed signs of an impressive show so look forward to what the show will become in future years. 


Overall York Maze Hallowscream is a great attraction. It’s worth arriving early so you can enjoy everything and soak up the atmosphere. All five mazes are really well themed with unique elements in each. It’s great to see changes to the mazes and the entire site considering the year we’ve had. This attraction is really worth a visit and makes for a fun filled night out. 

The event runs on select dates through to the end of October so if you’re able to visit you won’t be disappointed. 

York Maze Hallowscream 2019

Hallowscream has been running for quite a few years at the York Maze. It’s one I’ve always wanted to visit so finaly got a chance.

On arrival you can tell this is a polished event. As you await entry there is a huge flaming sign, skull heads and skeletons. 

Once the site opens you go through the usual ticket booth and into the first experience. You are facing a giant head that gives you the rules of the site. This is a novel way to give the rules and works well. The addition of Corny’s Mum was a really humorous addition. Once the safety spiel is over all hell breaks loose and we are let into the park. 

The central hub is set up well with food stands, a stage and roaming actors providing photo ops and scares a plenty. The Mazes are all connected to this central hub making them easy to find.

The Mazes


The first Maze of the night was 2073. You enter a ‘post trump’ world where things aren’t particularly great. The theming was fantastic with actors working the space well. I found there were a few dead spots in the corn maze section but this was well and truly made up for by the actors before and after. The use of full sized vehicles in the section worked well and gave a brilliant post apocalyptic vibe. 

The Singularity

The next maze of the evening was The Singularity. This was my favourite maze of the night. The prison scene stood out the most with actors coming from all directions. I also really liked the use of a bright white room filled with smoke that was extremely disorientating.

The Flesh Pot

On to The Flesh Pot, this maze is full of body parts and flesh with the actors playing the menacing roles well. This was full of jump scares and I particularly liked a very threatening looking character who just stared and slammed the props around causing some excellent jumps.

Corny’s Carnevil

Corny’s Carnevil is half fun house, half scare maze. The clown actors really worked well together in this one using distraction techniques effectively. Two standout points in this were in the wonky room where an actor launched himself against the wall as if from nowhere and the second actor making me walk up the steep slope and then under her weapon. The use of angles and mirrors were great and really added to the clown/fun house vibe. 

Barneggedon 3D

The last maze of the evening was Barnaggedon 3D within this maze you wear 3D glasses that make the paintings on the wall really pop out as well as the actors faces and makeup. The actors were good at hiding in plain site using the 3D well to get a scare. I’d say this maze is more fun than scary but still a delight to walk round. 


Hallowscream is a well polished enjoyable event. The roaming actors were great fun. I managed to catch one stage show which was enjoyable. It was a shame I didn’t have time to see more as I had to get off to another attraction. This is definitely an event you want to spend all night at so I’d recommend coming early and soaking up the atmosphere.

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