Pasaje Del Terror will always have a special place in my heart being the first actor led scare attraction I ever visited. From that first visit I just wanted to experience more. I try and make it to Pasaje Del Teror every time I’m in Blackpool and it goes from strength to strength on each visit. The already strong scenes always get improved tweaked and moved around each year. While being familiar also being slightly disorientating.

You start the experience with a long walk down the stairs towards a door that requires three knocks for entry. With the sound of unlocking bolts the door opens. This really gets the group on edge and ready to face the experience.

The first scene starts with the guests backs against the wall as a scene plays out in front of you. The lady next to me was physically shaking in terror.

You continue to walk through a number of scenes featuring well known characters from horror.

The horror prop shop scene stands out to me with lots of attention to detail. I found the character in this scene well executed with a good balance of wacky and scary. This caused the group to laugh and jump in surprise in equal measure.

Another stand out moment was the clown scene. The actor in this section was really on point. Using the space well and getting as close to the group as possible.

There are so many good scenes in this attraction. It’s got to be seen to really be appreciated. The overall theming and atmosphere is brilliant with a classic finale ending in the Horror Bar.

If you’re in the area it’s definitely worth a visit to Pasaje del Terror.

Author: Ashley